4 Video Games That Ruin Relationships

4 Video Games That Might Spell 'Game Over' For Your Relationship

You'll either not be on speaking terms or signing up for an anger management course.


Whether you're with a group of friends or that special someone, these video games will most likely leave you questioning your relationship or wondering how much jail time you could receive for strangling your best friend.

1. "Mario Kart"

Wikimedia Commons

Number one on this list is "Mario Kart." Which "Mario Kart," you may be asking? It doesn't matter, take your pick. "Mario Kart," at times, can be known to be a luck-based game, and that's all thanks to the stupid item boxes in the game. There's nothing else that makes you lose your faith in humanity faster than getting hit by that spiked blue-winged devil, having that one person convincing everyone to play on 200 CC, or absolutely getting destroyed by everything and everyone in the game. If you don't win in this, you always end up feeling robbed. At least I always do.

2. "Super Smash Bros."

Nintendo NY / Instagram

If you haven't heard of "Super Smash Brothers" before, you must be living under a rock. Which now that I think about it might not necessarily be a bad thing. Once you start playing this game, there is no such thing as friends and relationships, just winning.

"Smash Bros." is a runner up spot for number one only because depending on the crowd it can rather be slow-paced but still fun instead of rage-inducing and competitive. I've been to tournaments and seen friendships being torn apart, controllers being thrown, and a lot of profanity.

Lots and lots of profanity.

I've also noticed when angry friends tend to get personal with their insults, like real personal. If you've been to a tournament, you know what I'm talking about. A day at a Smash tournament can really be something else, however, that's a story for another day

3. "Mario Party"

Nintendo NY / Instagram

See, "Mario Party" could have easily avoided being on this list. It could have been a simple game about collecting stars by playing mini-games. But somebody had a great idea to have items and bull crap spaces in the game, specifically items and spaces made to screw you over. It's absolutely heartbreaking for your loved ones to steal coins and stars from you or bump you back spaces. This game honestly shows you what betrayal feels like over and over again.

Spoiler alert: it never gets better.

Now that I think about it, I'm starting to see a trend. I don't think Mario wants to see people happy.

4. "Overcooked"

Xbox / YouTube

"Overcooked" is a game where players control a number of chefs in kitchens filled with various obstacles and hazards to rapidly prepare meals for specific orders under a time limit. I'll start by saying it's a fun couch co-op game to play. At least for the first few levels. As the levels get harder, so does keeping your patience. It won't be long until blame is being thrown back and forth. A lot of yelling and blame. It's always someone else's fault, never your own.

By the end of these games, you'll either not be on speaking terms with your friends or signing up for an anger management course!

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I hated everything about myself.

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The Top 5 Games I'm Excited For In 2019

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Looking ahead at the lineup of games to release in 2019, gamers have something to look forward to in all genres. With gaming conferences such as E3 still to come, that list can only keep on growing. I've limited that list down to five games which I am extremely hyped for, and I need them to come out right now.

1. "Borderlands 3" (I'M SUPER HYPED!!!)

AMD Gaming / Twitter

Literally, all the games on the list don't even come close to this legend right here. I love the Borderlands franchise as a whole and enjoy not only the story but the whole loot and gritty aspect of the game. The characters are awesome, and it's an amazing game to play with your friends. I can't tell you how excited I am just through text. This game is not only my childhood, but it's close to my number one favorite game of all time.

2. "Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission"

Nintendo / YouTube

"Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission" has a unique take on the Dragon Ball universe. Instead of an action-packed button mashing fighting game, you use cards to attack your opponents. The game has been released in Japan for a while now, but soon it will make its English debut. I'm all for collecting my favorite DBZ characters, so needless to say I'm more hyped than when Goku thought he killed Frieza on Namek. Only true fans understand.

3. "Mortal Kombat 11"

Mortal Kombat 11 / Twitter

I have always been a big fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise. With the gruesome fatalities and the blood and the gore, what's not to love about it? Usually, when something is new, that means improvements, graphical upgrades, and more and more unique satisfying ways to dismember your opponents. Trust me, this game isn't for your mother. Unless she's like mine and loves fighting games. If that's your mom, then she'll enjoy this one.

4. "Persona 5" (Nintendo Switch)

BagoGames / Flickr

To be honest, the only reason that I am excited for the "Persona 5" Nintendo Switch release is because of the main character, Joker, being in "Smash Bros. Ultimate." It's been on the PS4, but it was just recently leaked that it would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Since then I have been watching tons of gameplay videos on it, and I gotta say, I'm hooked now.

5. "Hytale"

Hytale / YouTube

When looking at "Hytale," the first thing that comes to my mind is a buffed out, upgraded version of "Minecraft." You can do everything that you do in "Minecraft" and then some. The game is a sandbox game that can either be played with friends or solo. There are tons of things that you can do ranging from dungeons, fighting monsters, farming, and building. There's also a social hub where you can meet and interact with new people, so that's also a plus. Having a social life is always fun.

What games are you looking forward to?

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