'Game Of Thrones' Season One's Biggest Plot Twists
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'Game Of Thrones' Season One's Biggest Plot Twists

Have you watched Game of Thrones? Lets look back at season one and remember all of the jaw-dropping moments.

'Game Of Thrones' Season One's Biggest Plot Twists
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WARNING: If you have not seen season one of “Game of Thrones” and intend to, stop reading. I don’t want to spoil anything for you!

Game of Thrones: an Emmy award winning television show that will go down in history. Even though I am not a fan of gore, violence, or anything of that nature, this show has me hooked. This article recaps some of the most jaw dropping scenes of “Game of Thrones” season one even though the surprises never stopped.

1. The Lannister’s Incest

So the addiction began with the very first episode. Due to the unbearable nudity, incest, and gore, I cringed my way through it – covered my eyes and plugged my ears. If you have watched it, reminisce on the first episode with me. As an unprepared watcher with no expectations, the incest came as an extreme shock to me – a gross one at that. Little did I know, it played a major role later on in the season. I foresaw Bran Stark’s climbing getting him into trouble, but was horribly amazed when it resulted in attempted murder. Jaime Lannister teased Bran at first on top of the tower when he caught the brother and sister having sex. In the final few seconds, Jaime pushed Bran out the window and immediately I held my breath. What a rollercoaster of emotions from that episode. Fortunately Bran survived, which made it all the more fun to watch the Lannisters squirm.

2. Joffery’s Real Roots

Who knew having blonde hair would be so significant? Mysteriousness loomed in the air as Ned Stark began his duty as Hand of the King. The question surfaced: “What got the previous Hand killed?” Once Ned started to dig deeper into the answer, he revealed one of the Lannister’s family’s biggest secret. The scene showed Ned reading the birth records that stated every child before Joffery had black hair. What a jaw dropper to know that Joffery was an offspring of incest.

3. Ned Stark’s Death

At this point, Joffery rules as king, even though he is not the rightful heir, leading to the death of Ned Stark. To say my mind was blown would be an understatement. I assumed since Ned held the role as the most beloved character on the show, that it protected him from any severe harm. WRONG. Creators beheaded not only the star, but also a hero – someone who should have been the king. The few seconds leading up to the slicing of Ned’s head happened slowly, so I just assumed someone would swoop in and save him. This scene obviously exemplifies the uniqueness of “Game of Thrones.” Fair warning: you may need a tissue box for this tear-jerking episode.

4. Daenerys and Dragons

As if there wasn’t enough unusual shocking content already, let’s move on to the final episode of season one. Daenerys Targaryen turned her world around by taking control and quickly becoming another favorable character. “WHAT, NOT AGAIN! ARE YOU SERIOUS?” were my exact thoughts when another main character appeared to be potentially meeting death. Thankfully though, I was fooled. The last scene of the episode of Daenerys sitting in the burned out fire brought much relief to my soul. Then suddenly, baby dragons crawled up behind her back, dropping my jaw even further to the ground. What a game-changer. As everyone around Daenerys bowed down to their knees, I wanted to join them because of the incredible power she now holds. Bring on season two!

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