With the new season of Game of Thrones finally premiering after a nearly two-year hiatus, it's the perfect time for a fun horoscope character comparison written based on the personality attributes each character portrays. Full disclosure, this list was made without any real astrological evidence to support the theories. But let's be honest here, I think we can all agree this is completely accurate!

1. Aries - Daenerys Targaryen

Known for being fearless, passionate, and determined, Daenerys is the obvious candidate for Aries. She is a natural born leader, always stepping up to intimidating challenges with grace and power. Dany fights for what she believes in and proves she is a fiery force to be reckoned with. Once she's set her sights on something, she wholeheartedly goes after it.

2. Taurus - Jorah Mormont

Those born under the sign of the bull are usually represented as the stubborn, bold, and reliable. Tauruses are typically strong and faithful, much like the noble Jorah Mormont. However, they can also push loved ones away with their unwavering opinions.. Jorah often speaks his mind, even when it has back-firing consequences.

3. Gemini - Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell fits the mold of a Gemini to a T. She is witty, patient, and is able to nearly seamlessly compartmentalize her different sides depending on her audience. She has a twin nature similar to Gemini, with one side being cunning and one being genuine. She's mastered doing what it takes to survive, all while holding onto her values.

4. Cancer - Sam Tarly

Emotional, social, and devoted, Cancers and Samwell Tarly have these traits in common. Like the Crab, Sam is usually too busy underestimating himself to realize how much of a pillar of support he is for all of his loved ones. He can be his own worst enemy with his habit of taking on other people's issues as his own but gains pride in helping them.

5. Leo - Jamie Lannister

It would make sense that Jamie Lannister would be a classic Leo, coincidentally his family crest is a lion. He has a prideful ego, is ready to take on all opponents that get in his way, and inspires charisma from those around him. Although he can be quite arrogant, he (mostly) has good intentions for his loved ones.

6. Virgo - Peter Baelish

Like Peter, Virgos are typically practical, independent, and can be misunderstood. They have a sense of dedication to their work and want to prove they are capable. Baelish takes great pride in finishing his personal tasks while staying conveniently out of the spotlight. He is a quick thinker with a clear path he wants to follow.

7. Libra - Sansa Stark

Sansa has a diplomatic view of justice. She acts as a peacekeeper and aims to find true loyalty among her companions. She does best when she's working with people she can trust, but can also find herself in a vicious circle of self-pity. Like most Libras, Sansa is grounded in being crafty and charming.

8. Scorpio - The Hound

Described as strong, brooding, and self-reliant, there's no doubt that the resilient Hound would fall under the Scorpio sign. He usually finds himself tied up in fiery matters where he must pick a side and feels things deeper than he lets on. Like Scorpio, he is surprisingly loyal at times but never forgets his own agenda.

9. Sagittarius - Arya Stark

Those born under the sign Sagittarius are known for being blunt adventurers who will stop at nothing to chase their dreams. Much like Arya, they are ambitious, say what's on their minds, and have no desire to conform. This sign values freedom and honesty, just like our Needle wielder.

10. Capricorn - Jon Snow

Jon Snow is everything a Capricorn stands for. He is a brave, patient leader driven by the desire to be admired. Jon also is willing to work hard to reach his goals to achieve the honor and respect he seeks. He is steady and can be pessimistic at times, but never gives up. Even if that means exposing his stubborn streak along the way.

11. Aquarius - Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion shares the quirky wit and intelligence Aquarian's are known for. He is independent, firm in his beliefs, and seemingly aloof at times. Like the air sign, he is unconventional and can be relentless in his quest to find the truth behind the game of thrones. Tyrion is loyal without a doubt but can also be naive with his trust.

12. Pisces - Rob Stark

The epitome of a Pisces, Rob is lovable, kind, intuitive, and gentle. He is romantic and appreciates traditional values, like marriage and honor. At times he internally battles his opposing views and tries to help those around him, regardless of if they are deserving. Unfortunately, these traits leave him vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

There you have it! The 'Game of Thrones' characters are so diverse and full of intricate personality traits that can be quite interesting to analyze. Did you relate to your sign's character?