Season 8 of Game of Thrones has been one of the worst seasons ever. Many fans have been disappointed with the way the season has been going and with the way episode 5 went I can confirm that the writers and creators of Game Of Thrones do not care about giving us the ending we deserve anymore. They have constantly made decisions this season that don't back up the character arcs of well-loved characters and have given some of these beloved characters shitty endings.

For example, Cersei and Jamie die in each other's arms as the Red Keep falls down around them. For Cersei, this is not the ending we as fans expected nor is it the ending she deserved. It's poetic that they die in the arms of the one person they love the most, but for Jamie, this goes against everything his character has done this season. He disobeys her and runs to help fight the Knight King and his undead army, but after they are defeated runs right back to her? Right after she had literally just sent Bron to assassinate him for going against her??? Confused? Me too.

Cersei on the other hand, although it's poetic that she dies in the arms of the one she loves, it doesn't fulfill the prophecy of her death that we learned back in one of the past seasons. According to that prophecy, Jamie was going to be the one to kill Cersei not die with her. Cersei deserved to be burned alive by Drogon or have her head chopped off the may she had Missandi's cut off. Dying by having a building fall on her is a shitty way to end a character who was extremely vile and wicked.

Now let's talk about that Mad Queen spin they put on Dany at the last minute. Now I am fully aware that there have been subtle hints towards her "madness" throughout the series, but killing vile villains is vastly different than burning a city to the ground that you want to rule. In the past, Dany has chained up her dragons for killing innocents. Now even though the city surrenders in fear, she kills thousands of innocent women and children just for vengeance of the people who have died in the past.

We saw at the beginning of the 5th episode Drogon burning all the fleets and the armies, and we rooted for Dany as this was exactly what should have happened the last episode with Rhaegal and Drogon both burning their enemies down. She was reminded so many times of the Iron Fleet and the Golden Company and the writers justified Rhaegal's death by saying Dany just "forgot they were there." Rhaegal deserved better!!!

In conclusion, the writers literally know nothing, Rhaegal deserved better, Dany's madness deserved to be better thought out and spread out, Cersei deserved a better death, and Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen is going to probably end up on the throne whether he likes it or not.