27 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 3 Memes

27 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 3 Memes

The best jokes from the third episode of season eight.


Game of Thrones's third episode of its eighth and final season premiered on April 28th. With the "The Long Night" featuring the long-awaited battle sequence with the White Walkers, the episode set a new single-night record for the series. HBO has stated that across all platforms (including HBO Now and HBO Go), the episode amassed 17.8 million viewers.


Because somehow things got even crazier than words could ever describe in this particular episode.

To get the jaw-dropping visual images of the battle against the Army of the Dead and dragon scenes, the HBO series spent a whole lot of time and money on the episode. Shooting the battle over an exhausting 55 nights, the 82-minute episode will go down as the more expensive episode in TV history.

Between the massive battle, heart-breaking deaths, and long-awaited reunions, fans are finding time to create hilarious Game of Thrones memes in response to the cinematic episode. After all, any true GOT fan knows that watching the series is only half the fun.

Here is the best Game of Thrones memes from Season 8 Episode 3.

1. S1 "Wow, this show is dark!" - S8: "Wow, this show is dark!" 

2. Work: *Insanely busy* - *Me the second my shift finishes*

3. What Bran was really doing during the battle 

4. When they ask to speak to the manager, but you are the manager 

5. Hodor: Holds the Door - Beric: The Beric-ade 

6. Meanwhile in Cersei's Dreams 

7. House Stark: 100% Strength VS. House Stark: 99% Strength 

8. My favorite scene in episode 3

9. The NIght King looking at the rest of the white walkers, who let Arya just run up on him like that. 


10. Tormund: "I killed a giant when I was 10" - Lyanna Mormont: "Hold my beer" 

11. Essential Kit for Watching GoT S8E3..

12. When The Hound Sees Fire VS. When The Hound Sees Arya In Danger 

13. When the horde of savages with flaming swords charge and get obliterated and you're next in line 

14. Monday  Morning - Me: I can't come to work today. My friend died. Boss: That's terrible! Who? Me: *watching the Battle for Winterfell again* All of them. 

15. Arya vs. Night King 

16: Woo! Superhero landing 

17. I personally want to thank Drogon, Rhaegal, Melisandre and the Moon for trying to provide us with a source of lighting during this episode 

18. Spoilers without context 

19. Arya: Death has many faces. I look forward to meeting this one. - Arya running away. 

20. Ghost jumping back into the series after being gone for three years... 

21. Guy Pretends To Be Bran Stark Staring At Everyone

22. Game of Thrones: See that darkish-grey blue right there? ME: ...I think so? Game of Thrones: that cost 491 million dollars to make 

23. Olenna Tyrell: I was such a badass bitch that I won my own death scene - Lyanna Mormont: Hold my beer. 

24. Behind every successful man there are 5 women saving his ass 

25. Light department coordinator: R'hllor, The Lord of LIght -and Light operators: Melisandre, Beric Dondarrion, Viserion, Drogon, and Rhaegal 

26. Marvel: We'll make the longest, greatest battle scene in history. - Game of Thrones: Hold my Dornish wine. 

27. Every group project ever...where would we be without Arya. Sansa: Disappears at the very beginning and doesn't show up until the endBran: Says he is going to help but he's notJohn: Forgets his job because of his girlfriendArya: Does 99% of the work 

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16 Struggles That Give All Retail Workers Nightmares, Even After They've Worked Their Last Shift

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1. Waking up every weekday morning before your shift and contemplating whether the money is worth it

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2. And if you're lucky enough, being blessed with the task of opening

Two words: kill me.

3. Having to fake a smile for the entirety of your shift.

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4. Being stuck with the lazy coworkers on your shift

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5. And the worst one of all, dealing with the most absurd questions from your customers

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6. Even worse? Having to listen to the weirdest stories from your customers

I once had a customer narrate her entire infidelity and divorce story to me, and I awkwardly had to sympathize while just trying to print her papers. At one point she reached over the register and tried hugging me. Not a fun time.

7. Being yelled at during rush times when you're trying your best

Yes, lady, I understand the line is long. But you're going to have to wait on it just like everyone else. I'm not going to roll out a special expedited red carpet for you.

8. Explaining something to a customer and receiving the "Can I talk to your manager?" bit every time

Everything I am telling you was taught to me by my, surprise, manager! But I guess the arguing is worth it when we laugh about the whole thing in the break room later.

9. Constantly having to clean up mysterious messes

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10.  I'm sorry that your coupon is expired

I really am. But I guarantee you, no matter how many times I scan your coupon, it will not work.

11.  Customers assuming that you know every damn thing

I once had a customer ask me if I knew who the CEO of my employer was, and when I said no, he told me I needed to do "my research." Yes, thank you, I'll be researching all right — on how to get the heck out of this place.

12.  Not being informed of how much math goes into the job

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13.  When customers try getting in despite the very large "CLOSED" sign and locked doors

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P.S. We are required to log off all cash registers immediately after the set closing time, so there is no point of even trying to get in. You can't buy anything.

14.  Having to stay over your designated shift

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15.  Talking crap about your workplace with your favorite coworkers

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If you work in retail, kudos to you, because honestly we're really forced to deal with the worst shit on a daily basis, there is no escape. And if you haven't worked in retail, perhaps this helps you gain insight on our nightmarish lives — so if you're mean to your cashiers, cut it out.

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