Yes, I gained weight after graduating from high school.

I'm totally okay with that.

There are some people that only care what you look like after high school, and not what you're doing.

They just want to compare everyone by their looks. I'm aware I had the freshman 15. Wait no, it was the freshman 20-per-semester. Yeah, I gained 40 pounds within my first year of college. I wasn't active and constantly doing things like I was in high school.

I used to think I was fat in high school and now when I look at pictures, I was way thinner than I thought I was. Of course, it slightly bothers me, I'm not going to lie and say that it doesn't.

I'm not so obsessed with it that I look at pictures of other people and say, "Oh my gosh, they got fat after high school," because I think there are only a handful of people from my graduating class that actually look the exact same or even lost weight.

It happens to almost everyone.

Don't get so caught up with people's appearances that you forget about the bigger picture — what they're doing with their life now.

They could be a successful business person, or have their absolute dream job and beyond happy.

Looks aren't everything.