How To Practice Daily Gratitude In 2019

In our fast paced world, it is so easy to forget about how much we really do have already. There is so much hustle and bustle in everyone's lives that sometimes it really does pass us up that the universe's secrets are and always have been right at our fingers.

I've seen people so unhappy in their lives just because they are focusing all of their continued happiness on things that are superficial, limited in supply, and temporary. With a little change in perspective and mindset, even the person with the smallest amount of physical wealth can have the largest abundance of inner peace and harmony.

All being said, below are some ways that you might practice daily gratitude in the new year of 2019 and beyond.

1. Find joy in the little things.

A great way to practice gratitude it any time is to count your blessings. This is especially helpful if you find yourself going through a stressful or trying time when all there seems to be is darkness.

This can take form in the way of writing down every single thing that you are thankful for before bed, or as simple as just reminding yourself of how much of a privilege it is to even have a meal every day. This is a great reminder that, even when it seems like you may have nothing-- you actually have everything that you need and more.

2. Practice daily affirmations.

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and in a beautiful mood, this is something that I would highly suggest making habitual.

Dig deep into your greatest insecurities and fears, and then reverse them in sentence form. For instance, "I am deserving of the same type of love that I give out." Write down these sentences, and keep them at easy access in your brain.

Every morning, before you check your phone or get out of bed-- give yourself these positive affirmations as a reminder of the successful, true badass that you are. This will set you up to tackle your day as the best version of yourself always.

3. Create daily intentions.

As a sort of partner in crime to the daily affirmations, daily intentions make it a certainty that you are making specific action to feed your gratitude every day.

A daily affirmation can be a word, feeling, or thing that you want to bring into the world a little extra for the day. These can be anywhere from "today's intention: love", to "do something nice for someone today".

As long as your daily intentions are infused with action and personal growth, they are sure to amp up your gratitude by ten-fold.

4. Find a positive to go with every negative.

It's as self explanatory as it sounds. This is some real shit that saves people from literally going into emotional breakdown mode.

Whenever you find yourself stuck in a sticky situation that just seems to be horrible in every way, challenge yourself to counteract the negatives with positives. For every single negative thing that you find about the situation, find a positive that is just as strong.

Drown the negative out with the positive until it goes buh bye down the drain.

5. Adopt the law of attraction.

Here's another wonderful gratitude-growing-solution that can be paired with the positive-negative strategy.

The law of attraction is a psychological concept that essentially follows the belief that whatever you decide to feed will grow. In other words, you will attract gratitude if you open yourself up to it and feed it your energy.

If you yearn to have emotional abundance in life, you can have it. It's as simple as that. Attract the type of life that you want by aligning your actions with what you're seeking.

You will find yourself much more grateful and happy with this type of mindful practice.

6. Be frugal with your time, energy, and money.

This is important!! Lower your expenses and increase your income.

There is no need to spend extra money on things that will not bring you continued success and joy. There is no reason to spend your energy on people that do not reciprocate. There is no use in wasting time on things and situations that you have no control over.

Try adding these concepts into your everyday life. You'll be surprised with the amount of inner gratitude you will find yourself in possession of.

7. Say, "thank you", more.

This is a very practical way of obtaining more natural gratitude. Say thank you. To everyone.

Become more aware of the people in your life that go out of their way and take time out of their lives to do things for you. Thank them. Tell them that you appreciate them.

Those are the people that you need to love and hold close to your personal life. Do not take them for granted.

8. Smile more.

I'm going to close on a very simple, but powerful practice: always find a reason to smile.

This is very much an outside-in approach to attracting more gratitude, and it seriously works. Realize all of the great that you have in your life NOW. Every day is full of blessings and beauty if you choose to see it all!

Smile for it.

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