To My Future Patients, From Your Future Doctor

The stress of balancing extracurriculars, volunteering, shadowing, working, and extremely long nights of studying until the early hours of the morning will all pay off once I graduate medical school. Or at least that is what I told myself for the first two years of my college career. But the moment it will truly pay off is the day I save the life of a patient or touch their life or their families lives.

So, here's to my future patients:

I wonder what I will be specialized in. Will I be a cardiologist, saving people's lives after a major heart attack? Will I be a pediatrician, easing the worries of anxious parents while doing everything I can to help the tiny human in front of me? Will I be a general practitioner, treating the many cases of vast illnesses coming through my office? I wonder who you will be. Will you be a child? An elderly person? What will I be treating you for? A heart attack? The flu?

The most important thing about becoming a doctor isn't what you study in school. It's not about the medicine. The most important thing about becoming a doctor is patient care and establishing a trusting relationship with your patient. I want to be the doctor who makes you feel comfortable to be in their presence. I want to be the doctor who makes you feel as if I genuinely care about you and your wellbeing. Because nothing is more important to me than you and your health. I am here to make you the strongest and healthiest you that you can be. I am going to do everything in my power to make this happen.

I will be an advocate. I will be a friend. But, I won't just be any doctor. I will be your doctor.

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