To The Me I Hope To Be In Three Years

After turning 22 last month (insert T-Swift lyric here), I've been thinking a lot about my future. Where will it be? What will it be like? How will I get there? I haven't been able to answer any of these questions, not with certainty at least, but I can tell that 25-year-old girl I'll be in three years just a few things I hope she never forgets.

Dear 25 year old me,

I hope that when you look back on your college years, you can't help but smile. We had a good run. A run full of challenges, all-nighters, nights out on the town, and class too, of course. I hope you remember the good times just as clearly as you remember the bad. I hope you laugh a lot, you take chances, and you thank the good Lord for every blessing that comes your way. I hope you remember the people that got you to this point, the people who love you and have supported you - whether they're family or not.

I hope you give, not take, happiness to those around you. I hope you strive to make the world a better place every day. I hope that when your cup runs over, you pour a little into someone else's cup that isn't quite as full. I hope you are just as strong as the things you've experienced have made you. I hope you keep your head up when your world is falling apart. I hope you dance in the rain even when you're in your good shoes.

Most of all, I hope you remember who you are in this crazy mess of a life - a daughter of the one true King.

So, as you take on the rest of your life, I want you to remember just how important the little things are. I want you to remember those nights with friends that you never see anymore. I want you to remember the days you drove across the state just see your mom for a few hours. I want you to remember all of the last minute concerts you went to. I want you to remember the times you stayed in and ordered pizza because everything was just too much.

I want you to remember everything, girl, because without the good and the bad you wouldn't be where you are today.

Don't forget.

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