Growing up, everything was laid out for you- what clothes to wear, what school to go to, which street to stay clear of, and also what you were allowed to eat. Thanks to our parents we had these embedded set of guidelines that have followed us all throughout our life.

Since we don't remember most of what was said, here are 15 things I want my future kids to know:

1. Find yourself 

Figure out what YOU are good at and what makes YOU unique.

2. Choose good friends 

Surround yourself with those that make you a better person

3. Be Honest and have Integrity 

C.S. Lewis said it best, "Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking."

4. Compliment Others 

See the good in others ad tell them as soon as you do. It can make someones day.

5. Go for it

Try everything out and see what you like!!

6. Study, Study, Study 

Gain all the knowledge and education you can. Trying hard will eventually pay off and gets you a long way in life.

7. Learn from your struggles

It's okay to make mistakes. Learn from them and do better.

8. Be a good friend 

Be a good listener. Stay clear from drama and always be the person who helps

9. Spend time wisely. 

Spend time living life and enjoying the journey. Don't just stay on your phone.

10.  Be kind always 

You will never regret being kind

11. Don´t compare yourself to others 

Be happy with you. Love your flaws and embrace your quirkiness

12. Have good manners

Say thank you and please. Always be polite and respectful towards others

13. Be adventurous 

Enjoy your childhood. Run. Play. Explore

14. You are LOVED 

You are loved beyond belief

15. Follow the rules

If you follow the rules you won't be worried about consequences