Some Funny Vines to Cleanse the Soul.
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Some Funny Vines to Cleanse the Soul.

Take a break from the political chaos with some laughs.

Some Funny Vines to Cleanse the Soul.

There is no doubt that we are living in a very stressful and scary environment right now. The results of the 2016 Presidential Election have some people feeling disappointed and fearful. It can be hard to escape the political discussion, since it is all over social media. Though the fate of our nation is not something that should be ignored or put aside, in times like these, we could all use a laugh or two. We might as well look back on some of the hilarious videos the app "Vine" has brought us, before they disappear.

1. No dogs were harmed in the making of this vine.

2. One of my personal favorites.

3. The cat that had serious potential for a Lion King remake.

4. The unapologetic prisoner.

His face screams, "truuuuuue."

5. Vine may disappear, but the world knows never to mess with this girl.

6. The fed up student who was playing no games.

Seriously praying for her lower back.

7. Real life math problems.

Forever wondering if he bought all of that dish soap for the sole purpose of this Vine.

8. This iconic dance battle

My money's on the one in the red shirt.

9. Obviously we have to throw a Gavin Vine in here.

Always looking on the bright side, what a cool kid.

10. Lest we forget:

11. The "My Heart Will Go On" remix:

A modern spin on a beloved classic.

12. Ah, romance.

13. Uh...romance?

14. I wonder if this little girl got Vine shut down.

15. Look at that shoulder!

The Tyler the Creator/toddler interaction we never knew we needed.

16. A man's best friend.

Everyone needs a pal like Quincy!

17. Let's end with this classic.

Watch this without smiling, I dare you.

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