Funny Memes For The Depressed By The Depressed
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Funny Memes For The Depressed By The Depressed

They'll make you laugh but also make you anxious and more depressed

Funny Memes For The Depressed By The Depressed

Sometimes we can find humor in our mental setbacks and sometimes we just find more to overthink about. Sometimes it can be both. Like in these memes about depression and anxiety and sarcasm and compulsive thoughts about that thing we did 11 years ago that we only seem to remember on the night before a huge presentation.

Effective in use and cost!

Questionable personalityRUNT

It's frustrating for all involved

Communication issuesRUNT

Misery loves companyCheezburger

Don't be glad, eat sad Cheezburger

Welcome to hell on Earth, where you get paid in tears and misery

Run while you canCheezburger

There is no charger for this Cheezburger

Ask and you shall receiveCheezburger

Betrayal Cheezburger

Seriously can't do anything right

Always a nice tripCheezburger

And I actually can't stay long because I'm headed back to bed

Bye felicia Cheezburger

Accurately accurate Cheezburger

Fuel the fire and fuel it wellCheezburger

Well that makes senseCheezburger

Things are not always as they seem.Pinterest

Never saw it coming Buzzfeed

Carefree suicidal thoughtsRUNT

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