It's OK.

This is only temporary.

I've been in your place before and it isn't fun.

But soon you will be able to wake up and not just think of the day as a filler.

These things take time, maybe you need some rest.

Don't let other people tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself, your feelings right now are more valid than ever.

I know it seems that you may not get over this bump in the road, just know you will.

Life is hard for everyone, even the girl you see on Instagram who seems to have her shit together has times like these.

Don't shut people out, as easy as it may seem they are what you need right now.

Lean on your friends and family they will help you more than you know.

Wake up and make your bed, eat a healthy breakfast, get moving, call people and tell them you love them.

If you are told you are being selfish don't listen, this is a time that you need to focus on your own needs rather than everyone around you.

Do something, create something, be something you've always wanted to, this time is for you to explore.

Keep on, you'll be alright.