I am from California going to school on the east coast, so I basically have to go back for spring break. That being said, I am bringing my best friend to California with me and am determined to show her the best time in California that I can. Being in a small town, I was stumped on what we could do...until I realized, there is SO much we can do.

1. Drive 

Driving in a common activity in my small town simply because there is not much to do. Grab a friend, roll down the windows, blast some music and drive. No destination, no time limit, just scenic drives.

2. Beach 

The beach can cost around 10-15 dollars to park but other than that it's almost completely free and always a good time. Even if the weather is cloudy, you can just rest on the beach with some hot chocolate and put your feet in the water.

3. In-N-Out

A must for out of staters. You haven't had a burger until you've had In-N-Out. This is the hill I will die on .

4. Hiking 

California is so beautiful and so varied in geography. If you're lucky and close to a good hiking spot, you could totally go on a nice hike and then grab some lunch.

5.  Downtown 

Just walking downtown, especially around sunset, maybe grabbing some ice cream, is the best. Window shopping in the stores and just talking and laughing with your friends. The absolute best.

Spring break should be a time of fun, rest, relaxation and catching up on work (lol). All of this is so much better without the added stress of breaking the bank. Thinking about activities I wanted to do has opened my eyes to the beauty and wonder of my town and my state, through the eyes of an out of stater.

I encourage you to do the same. Even if you have money it's always fun to think of interesting things to do around your town.