College means living on your own for probably the first time ever. Most of the time this "living on your own" thing actually means living with some of your best friends — your college roomies.

Living with friends means a lot of things. You learn more about the person than you probably ever needed to know. You discover each other's quirks, but learn to love them all along the way. You'll have your bad days, but more importantly, you'll have some of the best times of your college years with your roomies by your side - they'll essentially become your family.

Late nights at home will turn into some of your favorite college memories. These nights include crazy, fun adventures when you can't stop laughing and lazy nights where you hardly move and look like you're homeless.

Here are just 10 of the nights that have turned into amazing and hilarious memories with my roomies — I wouldn't trade them for anything.

1. The throwback dance party night

Remember Hannah Montana? The Jonas Brothers? Maybe Jesse McCartney - your childhood heartthrob? Going through all of your old favorites, dancing around the apartment and belting out every song word for word.

2. The top chef night

Usually, this occurs when you're both sick and tired of eating the same old microwaved food for days on end. Pinterest is your savior and you'll both be in the kitchen talking about how all the boys should "wife" you up.

3. The "I don't know, what do you wanna do?" night

You both want to go do something. You don't feel like going out to the bars, but you also don't want to sit at home all night and be lame. You'll sit for hours running ideas past each other and then turn them all down. You won't actually end up doing anything, but at least you spent the night with one of your best friends, right?

4. The movie night

The best thing my roomie and I ever did was buy a movie projector instead of a tv. We didn't want to pay for cable and we both only like watching Netflix half the time anyway. This is the classic night that you'll enjoy again and again.

5. The wine night

You're feeling classy. While everyone else you know goes out to party, you'll relax at home and enjoy a glass of wine. There's no better way to unwind after a long, stressful week. And what's more fun than being a little wine drunk with good company?

6. The midnight trip to Walmart night

Whether you decided you need some snacks, a new movie or you just feel like walking around, you can never fail with a midnight Walmart adventure. Most of the time, what seems like a mundane trip to the store, turns into a dumb adventure full of laughs that you'll remember long after college.

7. The "let's complain about dumb boys" night

Boys are dumb, and they're even dumber in college. Ladies, you'll have plenty of nights when you or your roomies just need to vent about the current boy that's causing you stress. We all need a night to talk about all the stupid things our guy has done and no one will understand better than your roomies. Plus, they need to know what's going on in case they ever need to kick his butt for hurting you.

8. The heart-to-heart night

It's 2 a.m. and you're just sitting in one of your bedrooms, talking about life. All the things that are really weighing on you. Maybe some tears will be shed, but you'll feel so much better after talking it out with your closest friends.

9. The "let's rearrange and clean the whole apartment" night

Random bursts of energy often turn into this kind of night. It starts by straightening up the living room and kitchen, but before you know it you're moving everything around, mopping the floors and by the time you're done the whole place has a new look.

10. The "you'd think we were drunk" night

Those nights where you are just acting crazy. Laughing at everything and making fools of yourselves. You're Snapchatting other friends and they're asking if you guys are drunk, but you're not... you're just happy and enjoying every minute of living with your best friend. It won't last forever, so live it up.