Fun Things To Do On Rainy Summer Day's

1, Movie Day

Nothing like spending a rainy day at home watching movies you love or new movies you never got to see. With snacks you love and even comfort foods you love will be a great thing for this day. Since this is a lazy movie day, theirs no rules or obligations on what you could eat or watch. Just sit back and relax weather it’s alone or with friends it's a great way to kick back and take a day for yourself.

2. Spa Day

This relaxing day should be all about you, weather you go to a spa or do it at home it’s a great way to unwind after a stressful day or week. We all needs breaks in life, after all we need breaks in order to let ourselves get back to a good place. You could get a massage, manicure, pedicure, even DIY masks could do the trick.

3. Go To Museums

If you’re into history, art or anything else, museums are the best place to go. Even if it’s just for the afternoon it’s a great way to do something and prevent you from being bored. It’s also a great way to learn about other cultures but also too a great way to get out of the rain.

4, Game Day

No, not gathering together for sports, but actual board games, video games or any game you like. It’s fun on any day to play a game, but it’s even more fun when you have friends or family over to eat, drink and play games with you. It’s a fun time to catch up and have friendly competition. Plus, their’s food, what’s better on a rainy day then food and games?

5. Get Caught Up

It’s easy to loose sight of friends, family, fun, events and all that when work takes so much out of you. But on rainy days if you're not working, is a great day to get caught up with everything. Even if you do nothing, texting family and friends is a great way to catch up, even having lunch or dinner with them is great. Other things you can do is get caught up on social media, update them, eve update a blog if you have one. Another great way to relax is to binge watch the show’s you have been watching.

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