If you want to know me, here are 17 fundamentals.

1. Futurama is my guilty pleasure.

It's mindless and oddly hilarious.

2. My favorite genre of music is psychedelic pop.

Tame Impala, the Japanese house, beach fossils, alt- J, and the beach house are just a few of my favorite bands. Bop is a bop, man.

3. One of my favorite foods is tomatoes. 

I enjoy eating tomatoes like apples.

4. My least favorite food is chili.

Hate with a burning passion.

5. I feel guilty every time I eat meat.

I loooooove animals with everything inside me but I am not strong enough to completely give up meat.

6. I play a mean game of Scrabble.

My mom and I can always spend an evening playing Scrabble.. even though she beats me every time.

7. John Mayer is love of my life.

He just doesn't realize it yet... Shawn Mendes, a short second.

8. Growing up I wanted to work at a bank.

I was under the illusion that the banker got all of the money.

9. I have just recently met my grandpa and uncle.

They are some of the best people I have ever known.

10. I am a licensed insurance producer.

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there."

11. Every time I use an automatic door I feel like royalty.

Princess Shelby is not entering the room!

12. I have not grown since I was in the 7th grade.

Same height, shoe size, and clothing size.

13. I broke my arm on my 5th birthday.

I got to stay home from school though.. You best believe my pink cast was signed at school the next day.

14. I come across as blunt and aggressive.

I do not know how to sugar coat things so I am very matter of fact and most people do not know how to take it.

15. Ice cream was the first grown up food that I ate.

At just a few weeks old... Thanks Dad for the ice cream addiction.

16. I would rather listen to music than talk in the car.

I may or may not replay a song if someone is talking through my favorite part.

17. When people ask me to describe my style, I like to say preppy with bright colors.

Most of the time I like to look like the rainbow threw up!! No such thing as too many bright colors.