13 Fun College Activities Other Than Clubbing
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13 Fun College Activities Other Than Clubbing

There's much more to the college experience than dancing to a song you don't know with people you'll never see again.


College was by-far the best time of my life.

I got to finally study something I actually cared about rather than taking classes I didn't choose, I had freedom and independence, and I made the best friends I could ever imagine.

The friends you make in college will be your friends for life. Therefore, it's important to make as many memories with them as possible because those 4 years went by quicker than I ever could've imagined.

When people think about the college experience, they automatically think of a bunch of college kids packed into a club dancing to a song they pretend to know while grinding on people they pretend to like for the hour.

However, there are so many other fun activities to do in college with your friends that you'll actually remember and cherish, such as these!

1. Shopping

This activity may be out of the average college student's budget, but even window shopping can be super fun! You can try on a bunch of goofy outfits with your friends while coming up with some good Christmas gift ideas for them. Even simply walking around the store with friends is a great way to spend quality time with them and get to know them outside of the lecture hall.

2. Cooking

My friends and I loved cooking together in college! You get to see what everyone likes and get a sneak peek into their identity. For example, me and a close friend both come from food-oriented cultures, and we wanted to share that with our other friends. She would make enchiladas rojas, and I would (attempt and ultimately fail to) make shrimp gumbo. Bone app the teeth!

3. Karaoke parties

Karaoke is a great way of getting close to people and break the ice when meeting new people as it allows people to let their guard down and be a little goofier than normal. Nothing will ever beat me and Sandra's Lady Gaga sing-and-dance-along!

4. Movie marathons

During Hurricane Harvey 2 years ago, me and my 2 best friends were stuck in our apartment together for over a week unable to go out. Therefore, we were up to our own devices to entertain ourselves. We had a Twilight movie marathon, ordered pizza every night (while we still could) and came up with countless inside jokes. Even though this was a very tough time for all of us, it brought us closer and set the tone for our dynamic for the rest of that year. It was Sarah, Sandra and Kristen forever!

5. Breakfast dates

Nothing says "I feel comfortable around you" like showing up to IHOP with friends in your pajamas with your hair in a bun and bags under your eyes that would make Kate Spade run for the hills! My favorite breakfast buddy would definitely have to be Sydney-bug. I love you Syd!

6. Road trips

Take it from me, the best kind of road trips are spur-the-moment. Right before Thanksgiving break during Junior year of college, Sandra, Kristen and I took a random road trip to Waco. The leaves were changing, the windows were rolled down, Sandra was playing Ariana Grande on the aux, we had Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, and life was perfect!

7. Library trips

Nothing says "I'm gonna get about 5 minutes of work done before I give up completely and go to Starbucks at midnight" like a late night trip to the library with your friends! Do y'all have any idea how hard it is to be quiet in the library when you're with your best friends? That's a giggle fest waiting to happen!

8. Writing parties

This may come as a shock to y'all, but writing is one of my favorite activities! All you need is a Saturday afternoon, a bottle of red wine, a laptop or journal, and a good group of people. This is actually how I came up with some of my best articles and poems!

9. Game nights

After you hit them with that draw four, blue (when they don't have any blue), draw two and skip, if they still want to be your friend after that, they're a friend for life!

10. Study dates

I didn't enjoy the studying part of the study dates, but I did like how they usually ended up in trips to Whataburger and Starbucks! Sandra, Kristen and I would always make a quick run to Whataburger for late-night Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits (yes, I capitalized it because those things deserve to be revered). Those things always made all-nighters a little less soul-retching!

11. Late-night car rides

The best way to get to know someone is to go on a late-night car drive with them. You get to listen to their music, share your deepest stories with them, and figure out what makes them, well...them. Saying yes to a nighttime car ride is saying yes to a new best friend!

12. Grocery runs

These are usually more fun if you don't actually need anything, but you just want to get out of the apartment for a while. For example, my friends and I all had so much homework one night that we literally couldn't even touch our backpacks. Logic at its finest, eh? In order to avoid our responsibilities, we went to H-E-B and smelled every soap they had, bought chocolate milk we didn't need, and drove those poor employees bonkers!

13. Birthday parties

One of my favorite things about Junior year is that everyone turns 21 that year. Let me tell y'all, getting to celebrate your friend's last big birthday with them is like serotonin in a cup! You get to spend a whole day celebrating someone who means more than the world to you and tell them how important they are to you. Also, who doesn't love finally being legal?

Clubbing is fun every once in a while, but there are so many other fun things to do during your college career that will provide with you with many more happy memories than any nightclub ever could!

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