30 Fulfilling Feelings I Strive To Encounter In Life
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30 Fulfilling Feelings I Strive To Encounter In Life

The satisfying, fulfilling feelings in life is what gives me inspiration.

30 Fulfilling Feelings I Strive To Encounter In Life
Sade Yinger

I want to be able to not suppress anything- not fear all of the things that worry me. I want to have no stresses - to not run away from my problems and just face them. I want to make a game plan and act upon it instead of pretending my issues don't exist. I want to hold myself accountable when I'm not being my best self. I want to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself I can do better. I just have to take the time to actually do the things I want to do. I want to stop hiding behind excuses and make a change in my life.

1. Watching the sunrise

Waking up at the crack of dawn and watching the sunrise reminds you of the simplicity of starting every day fresh.

2. Cooking a homemade meal

There is something rewarding about finding a new recipe and enjoying the process of preparing it (and eating it, of course.)

3. Getting wrapped up in a great book

Finding a great book that you can't put down and spending hours being caught up in the story line is a great break from reality.

4. Hearing someone say they're proud of me 

Is there any better feeling than knowing all your hard work has not gone unnoticed?

5. Finishing a project/assignment before the deadline

In the very rare occasion, finishing a project before the deadline is so rewarding because you aren't stressing about waiting until the last minute.

6. Putting laundry away immediately  

No more wrinkly clothes left laying around- I want to fold my laundry AND put it away right after it's done.

7. Complimenting someone else

Not only does this make the other person feel great about themselves, but it makes me feel great as well.

8. Running into an old friend and catching up

It's easy to get lost in conversation when there's so much to talk about!

9. Lounging outside in the fresh air to clear my head

I really can't think of another way I'd rather spend some alone time and take a break.

10. Not be in a rush

So many times in life, we are constantly rushing around from one place to the next. It's nice to run on your own time schedule sometimes.

11. Driving without a destination

Again, sometimes just cruising around the block, listening to a good playlist, with the windows down is a great time to relax.

12. Discovering a song that makes me think

Certain lyrics can really stick out to me and make me think of something bigger.

13. Listening to a powerful message at church

Those moments can be some of the most hard-hitting and important instances you experience.

14. Being held accountable for my actions

Whether it's pointed out by yourself or others, it's important to hold yourself accountable for your actions.

15. Avoiding the gossip

Sometimes I have to be the bigger person and just steer clear of all the gossip around me. Which actually feels really liberating.

16. Shedding a few pounds without trying

Looking in the mirror or checking the scale and realizing you don't completely hate what you see.

17. Taking a much needed cleanse away from my phone and social media

Yes, it seems impossible to disconnect but sometimes we all need a break from our online presence.

18. Being crafty

I'm not a crafty person by any means (which I want to work on), however creating, building, or making something makes me feel accomplished.

19. Waking up feeling refreshed and doing a morning stretch

This is really great for your body and helps me feel more awake in the mornings.

20. Cleaning and organizing my room

We all procrastinate on this, but when we finally take the time to go through our belongings and declutter? Amazing!

21. Lighting your favorite scented candle 

What better way to relax?

22. Opening the windows on a nice spring afternoon

Pair this with a clean house and my favorite candle and we hit the jackpot.

23. Working towards being debt free

It's a goal we all have and work towards. Imagining the day that I pay off all my college loans will be the BEST!

24. Washing and cleaning my car

A clean car is a happy car, am I right?

25. Having a full tank of gas

The satisfying feeling of filling up your gas tank is something that can't be beat.

26. Speaking my feelings

I want to be able to not hold my tongue when something really needs to be said.

27. Following a skin care routine and seeing results 

Consistency is key when you are trying to get better skin, so when I actually stick with it, it's really amazing!

28. Spending the day outside and developing an amazing tan

A nice tan is an amazing accessory to any look.

29. Learning something, no matter how big or small

Whether you finally figured out a math concept you've been struggling with, or just learning a neat fact, I love to learn something new everyday.

30. Loving without fear

We live in a world today where sometimes we feel embarrassed to be who we are. We cannot live in a world without love, so never be shy to show some love in your everyday life!

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