10 Tragically Comical Warning Signs You Have Indeed Found A 'Fuckboy'

I'm sure every girl has encountered a *cough* *cough* fuckboy. Sometimes our brains get a lil fuzzy when we meet a boy so I made this list to help you out a bit.

1. They always feel the need to text you, "Without me?"

We all know what I'm talking about. You send a text saying "BRB gonna shower" and you get back the dreaded "Without me?" text. Yes, I can do things without you. I'm an adult.

2. You never go over before 9 PM.

Honey have I got some bad news for you. Yes, people have lives and get busy in the day but come on. If he isn't even attempting to make plans before the night it is time to move on.

3. He doesn't introduce you to his friends.

If he does he never actually says how he knows you. Are you his friend, sister, teacher??? Also sometimes if you have met his friends they seem like they're hiding something from you. News flash: They are.

4. He only uses pet names.

Babe. Babyyyy. Hun. Sweetheart. You're a jerkkkkkk.


Remind me why we're even talking again?

6. His appearance.

Any form of a frat boy who's not in a frat is not a good thing. Joggers, a "bro tank" and some flip-flops. GOT TO GO.

7. Waits 3 months and then texts, "I miss you."

I mean, I would miss me too but this is too much. This is lurking at its finest. Another great form of lurking is waiting two days to like your Instagram photo to make sure you see it. Lurkers are the literal worst.

8. You're never seen.

You've never once made his story. He's never even taken a Snapchat of you. He does this so his other ladies and the friends his never mentioned you to don't start to question.

9. He never makes concrete plans.

"Yeah, we can go to dinner, just pick a day."

"Sure, I would love to go bowling, I'm just really busy right now."

Like I'm busy too, but OK.

10. He can't help you in an emotional situation.

Things happen, but if he can't even give you a hug and say "I'm sorry," he got to go.

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