13 Classes I Wish I Could Take Before Graduating From FSU

13 Classes I Wish I Could Take Before Graduating From FSU

"A mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled." - Plutarch

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I arrived at college with 36 credits, so most of my general education credits were completed. I was able to get into major courses almost immediately and that was one of the reasons I took up a dual degree. I've had my courses planned out for my college career since my freshman year. Even though I had to wait until registration to see what was open, I stuck to that plan pretty closely. I've taken four years of courses but there's many that I never got the chance to take.

AST1002: Planets, Stars, and Galaxies.

CCJ3677: Crimes Against Humanity.

CCJ4614: Criminal and Delinquent Behavior.

CLP4110: Eating Disorders.

CLT3370: Classic Mythology.

ENT3001: Experiences in Entrepreneurship I.

EXP4404: Human Memory and Learning.

GER1120: Elementary German I.

IDS2321: The Blindness Experience.

IDS3433: Modern Death.

PEM1461: Introduction to Fencing.

PPE3003: Psychology of Personality.

REL3170: Religious Ethics and Moral Problems.

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