Thoughts every FSU student has after coming back to school.

10 Thoughts You Have While Walking On FSU's Campus

School is back in session, you're back on campus walking around taking it all in as the new semester kicks off.


If you're like me and took the summer off, this is your first time back on campus for a couple months now, and some things may seem a little different.

1. It's so hot. 

This is a given, and most definitely a universal observation made by every single student at FSU. I definitely did not miss the 95 degree heat that comes with the beautiful FSU campus.

2. Dang, I forgot how much I have to walk. 

When you attend a college with scarce parking availability, you end up parking wherever you can. If you're lucky, you find a spot near your class. However, most of the time that is not the case and you have to walk anywhere from half a mile to a mile to get to class. In this Florida heat, you're sure to work up a sweat on your way to and from class.

3. Where is that building again? 

We all know the struggle of finding a building on this campus. Our schedules only have the three letter acronym, and there are so many buildings that it can sometimes get confusing if the class isn't in one of your major-specific buildings.

4. Am I in the right class?

You're pretty sure you're in the right room, but you're not 100% certain. Plus, if you end up in the wrong place, you run the risk of being late/missing your right class and being dropped from it due to the wonderful first-day-drop policy FSU has in place. So, inevitably, during the first week your best bet is to ask the other people in the classroom if they are there for the same class.

5. Where did the Union go?

A staple part of FSU's campus is the student union. The union was home to Market Wednesday, Subway, the UPS store, Einstein Bro's Bagels, Bowling, and so much more. However, the university recently tore it down and is rebuilding it, so campus feels a little empty without it.

6. Why isn't the University building more parking garages? 

If you are a student at FSU and have your car here, you know the all-too-real struggle of finding parking. If I had to guess, there would be 1 parking spot for every 3 or 4 students at FSU. That is ridiculous and is the recipe for extreme frustration when you need to get to class and can't find anywhere to park. FSU, please provide more student parking!!!!

7. Screw this line. 

When you go to the bookstore only to be greeted by a line of 200+ students. Nobody has time for that. Literally, you could go at any time of the day and the line will be the same length. Pro tip, go to Bill's you guys. I went to the main bookstore twice and left twice because of the line. I went to Bill's and didn't even have to wait at all.

8. How are they wearing jeans? 

We all see those few people walking around this insane heat. You see them and just kind of tilt your head in confusion like are you comfortable? And if you are, how? How can someone wear jeans in this heat and not have a heat stroke? This is something I will never understand.

9. It's good to be back. 

Again, especially if you're like me and went home for the summer, it feels so good to finally be back on campus. Walking around campus with your 40,000 fellow Seminoles, getting back into the class routine, and waiting for the football season to start is truly an amazing feeling.

10. FSU truly has the most beautiful campus. 

A thought shared not only by Seminoles, but people all across the nation. FSU's campus is regularly voted one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, and for good reason. From the huge, ancient oaks covered in the spanish moss, to the scenic Legacy Walk, to the beautiful, characteristic red-brick buildings that make up our campus, FSU is truly a site to see.

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Greek Life Does More Harm Than Good And It's Time We Canceled It

Greek Life is considered an almost essential part of campus culture, but do we really need Greek life?

If you are a college student in the United States, you will be affected in some way by Greek life.

It doesn't matter whether you want to join or not. When you go to school, you will hear about it all the time. You will hear about which frats throw the best parties, be asked which sorority you are rushing, and see them hosting charity events. And of course, you will hear the criticisms.

It is impossible these days to not hear about the criticisms surrounding Greek life, the most common one being the high rates of sexual assault. There are also the criticisms that it promotes binge-drinking and partying, it fuels nepotism, the hazing, and there have been numerous racist incidents involving fraternities.

If you ask anybody in Greek life though, they will usually tell you these criticisms are overblown. Yes, occasionally there might be some racist jokes. Yes, sometimes a sexual assault might occur, but they will assure you that these are just a few bad apples. Then they will wax poetic about the various benefits of Greek life, how it fosters lifetime friendships, instills good values such as serving the community, and grooms young adults for professional life.

But there is another question you should ask. Who reaps these benefits?

In a study conducted by Princeton University, researchers found that at their school 77% of fraternity members and 73% of sorority members were white, despite making up 47% of the student body. Additionally, 30% and 19% of fraternity and sorority members were legacy admits, meaning they were children of alumni. Obviously, this is only one school and not necessarily reflect the entire United States. Fraternities and sororities do not publish statistics on their demographics, so it is impossible to tell exactly how pervasive this phenomenon is. Nonetheless, it is worrisome and is surprising, considering that the first fraternities were founded by the people that have always been most privileged in our country: white, upper-class men.

You do not need an extensive, university-sponsored study to understand that it is difficult for students of lower incomes to join Greek life. Not only must you maintain a certain GPA, but you must pay monthly dues in order to stay in. These can range in cost from $250 to $775, and that is not counting “new member fees" or “badge fees" that may be added to the overall cost. Additionally, members must attend regular meetings and functions. If somebody comes from a low-income family and has to work in order to make it through college, it will be significantly harder to join Greek life.

Some organizations offer payment plans, but many potential pledges still say this is not enough. This begs the question: is Greek life really creating new leaders, or is it just fostering a culture of nepotism and providing a pathway for those born into privilege to access high-paying jobs more easily? This is not to say it is impossible for someone of lesser means to join, but it is significantly harder.

In recent years, excessive drinking and hazing-related deaths have also caused Greek life to come under fire. It is not uncommon for college students to abuse alcohol, however, members of Greek life are significantly more likely to abuse alcohol. One study by Harvard found that 4 out of 5 fraternity and sorority members are binge-drinkers in comparison to 2 out of 5 overall college students.

Another study at Brown University found that fraternities are often opposed to alcohol education and intervention because they view it as an impediment to their social and sexual goals. Again, this is not to suggest that only Greek life-affiliated students binge-drink. Many college students engage in binge-drinking while they are in school, but they are much more likely to do so if they are involved in Greek life.

These are only some of the problems associated with Greek life. There are many, many more, which I will discuss in next week's article. But for now, I want readers to sit and consider the facts they have been presented with, and ask themselves the kind of mentality that Greek life promotes through its culture of exclusion and binge-drinking.

Cover Image Credit: Stephen F. Austin State University

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5 Reasons Why Staying At College For The Summer Is The Ultimate Power Move

No school, no rules, summer vacation at the best place on Earth, also known as college.


As summer begins, it brings in the joy of no more school but for most what summer really brings is the sad realization that we have to leave our favorite place and go back to our boring home town with none of our new best friends. Although some have decided to stay at college for the summer and they will soon realize why this will be the best choice that they will be making all summer.


What's better than no school, warm weather, and most importantly no one to say, "Are you just going to sleep till 2:30 p.m. every day this summer?"

1. It's like the weekend, but every day

Do you know what weekends felt like during the school year when you didn't have anything to do? No? You never had any free weekends? Wow, I'm so sorry. Well, imagine a weekend that you didn't have to do anything. Now multiply that one weekend by seven and you get seven Saturday like days where you do not have a single care in the world.

3. No "Go cut the grass!"

For the sons, you know that annoying time every week when your dad is going to say, "Go cut the grass." There is nothing you can do to get out of it. Well, staying at school for the summer means no more nagging. You get to choose what you do now.

4. The bond of friendship

The friends you make when you stay at college for the summer are different than any other bond. Mostly because you all don't have a care in the world since it's summer in your favorite place. It's a right of passage to call someone your summer college best friends. These are best friends that words wouldn't do justice.

5. The townies

Everybody always wonders what happens to a college town when all the college kids go home. Well, the townies come back in full swing and take their town back. If you stay at your college, you get to experience what most can't even describe in words. To the one mid-40s guy trying to relive his glory days. To the old men hitting on the college girls at the local pub. To the weird towny creatures that make you shiver with fright as you drive past them. Have fun townies, you only have three months.

That dream of "I wish I could just stay here at college with all these people but have no responsibilities" is finally coming true.

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