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Student Life

From The Rising College Senior

It's time to buckle down

From The Rising College Senior
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As I close out my second semester junior year, I could not be happier. I am so ready to go home, see my family, and just not go to internship, work, and class everyday. However, I had a thought come across me the other day, and I realized that…next year, I am going to be a senior…yikes!

The thought of being a rising senior scares me, because in less than a year, I will be searching for a full-time job. I will not be looking for seasonal or part-time employment, I will need a big girl job. This is scary, because I have to compete with others who are fighting for the same thing that I want.

I listen to the seniors who are graduating in just days talk about their job search, and even though I tune them out, that’s going to be me next year. Some have great stories of how they were offered full-time positions at their internships, then I hear stories of how some people got turned down. It really is discouraging and I wonder what category I am going to fall in next year.

I didn’t think my college experience would go by this fast, but yet here we are. Even though I have had a little taste of adulting, I still don’t like it and I am still not prepared. However, I can’t avoid it. I would always have dreams of the day that I could be out on my own and do whatever I wanted, but with that comes many responsibilities, that I am not even sure I am ready for.

I looked at my degree audit the other day, and saw that I only have 12 credits left to register for. What? It was just 108 credits. Where did the time go? Can we slow this down? What are loans? What are taxes? How do I buy my first car? Help!

I am, and I know my family is, constantly praying for guidance on how to “adult”. I know it is a scary thing, and I cannot even begin to describe or define to you what adulting is, but the good thing is…I am not alone.

Cheers to the rising senior Class of 2018!

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