From One Home To The Next
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Student Life

From One Home To The Next

Some musings on going back to school.

From One Home To The Next
Wittenberg University

It’s still a little strange to me that I’ve already finished one semester of college, and that I’ll soon be beginning my second. I’ve attributed lots of words and feelings to my school, but one in particular is stronger than the rest: “home”.

Being home over break has come with some much needed relaxation and time enjoyed with dearly missed family and friends. While I’m now very ready to be back at Wittenberg, I’m glad to have had this time away. As I sometimes missed my real home in Westerville while studying at college, I’ve also come to miss Wittenberg as I’ve spent these weeks at home.

“Home” is a concept rather than a place. The place itself matters less than the people and the experiences surrounding it. In this sense, I already have found myself with two “homes”. Though I’ve been attending Wittenberg for a short while, I’ve learned so much, and I’ve made very meaningful relationships. I’m continuing to find myself and grow as a person. In and out of the classroom, I’ve appreciated every experience and encounter that a mere day can bring. When I reflect, there’s noticeable change between who I was, who I am now, and who I’m continuing to become.

I’m still finding my way, but I’m becoming all the more independent, self-assured, motivated, and mature as I continue on this path to self-discovery-- in ways that I never have been before. So, when I leave home tomorrow and go back to school, I’ll be returning to my other “home” of sorts. While the food may be a little less enjoyable, and while my babies (pets) may be far away, I’ll be in a great environment for growth, surrounded by many wonderful people, and looking forward toward what’s to come.

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