I have held you close to my heart for many years now, and we can both agree the ride has not been the easiest. We’ve fought like enemies, but we’ve also loved like siblings. Through it all we have maintained the best friendship possible, and have never looked back. You’ve made me believe that best guy and girl friendships can truly happen. There is a list of things I would like to thank you for because without you, I would never be the person I am today.

Making your family my family.

The day I met your family, they took me in like I was one of their own. When my family is far away, I always have my second family to go to and the only reason I have them is because of you.

Going out to eat with me.

Thanks for never making me feel like I need to impress you. Instead, we sit across from each other and talk about how delicious our food is and pig out.

Fighting me (on literally everything).

You always have to be right, even when you are wrong you will always make sure that I am not the one who is right. You’ve made me get a thick skin, laugh things off, and fight for what I believe in.

Being awkward with me when people ask if we are dating.

On a daily basis, people ask us why we aren’t together or tell us that we should be dating. The truth is, you and I both know that as good as it looks on the outside, it’s not something we want happening. No one actually believes us, so we stand there, and awkwardly laugh because there is nothing else we can do.

Telling me the truth.

Whether it’s telling me that the outfit I picked out is awful, telling me things other people would be afraid to tell me or letting me know that I am being a psycho, I can count on you for an honest answer. Yes, you have no shame in telling me anything, and I need that in my life.

Being my bodyguard.

I know that if I was threatened by a stranger, a broken heart or anything else, you would step up to protect me.

Most importantly, being my person.

I know that no matter where I am or what I do, I will always have you to call. I know that nothing in life is strong enough to tear us apart. We will always be the friends that we are today because you are my day one. We’ve been through every stage of friendship together and there are not many people in life who I can say that about. We know each other better than anyone which gives us an advantage and disadvantage. No one gets under my skin like you do, so I hope you feel honored. You're my person, my go-to, my brother and one of the most important people in my life. There is not a day that I do not think about how lucky of a girl I am to have a guy friend like you.