From A 72 Hour College Student

Yesterday afternoon I stood on the counter next to my sink to write a sweet and encouraging Bible verse on the mirror. I chose one from Proverbs 31, the famous Biblical description of a Godly wife. The verse I chose reads "She is clothed in strength and dignity, she laughs without fear of the future." The italicized words I wrote in a bright blue, putting care into each and every little letter. I smiled and envisioned the verse lifting me up on mornings when I didn't feel like hopping out of bed and heading to class. My knee then knocked all of the dry erase markers off of the countertop, and they promptly rolled under the fridge. I sighed as my roommate tossed me a hanger to use to coax them out. So much for strength and dignity.

The past seventy-two hours of being a college student have been a hurricane of emotions. Two nights ago I sat sobbing in my dorm room to my parents out of fear of the unknown. The next night I attended my first party on campus and adored each and every second of it. In just these few days, I have worshipped, laughed and cried alongside my new friends. Already I have learned how to perfectly toast a marshmallow ("Just flirt with the heat") and that in the case I loose my ID card, someone will instantly return it to whoever happens to be holding a microphone.

Not much about life is terribly familiar - except for Jesus. In the times I've spent digging into the book of Mark and praying for strength in this new season, it's been abundantly clear that God's nature does not change depending on my situation. My attitude towards the situation changes because God doesn't. Though I may not be a picture perfect Proverbs 31 woman, I'm leaning into the One who forms me into someone better than who I am now.

From 72 hours to 72 days, God will remain faithful. This I know.

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