8 Outfit Ideas For Your Friendsgiving Party

8 Outfit Ideas For Your Friendsgiving Party

The food will make you feel great, and these outfits will have you looking even better!


As the holiday season approaches, upcoming parties with friends and family will have you scrambling through your closet in search of cute outfits. Now that Fall is in full swing, take advantage of this stylish season before winter has you rocking sweatpants every day of the week. Even though your fave retailers are pushing Christmas and NYE merchandise, don't forget about Thanksgiving! Enjoy this holiday with loved ones and look your best in these Fall party styles.

1. Sweater Dress

Modern Designer | Pointelle Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress | Nordstrom Rack

Find this item at Nordstrom Rack

Opt for a sweater dress if your Thanksgiving party is a little bit dressier but will be packed with amazing food. This loose fit will hide any bloating you may experience after eating a full plate of turkey and mashed potatoes. Sweater dresses (especially this neutral one) can be styled in a number of ways, and they are a great option for unpredictable weather because you can add on layers and boots, or slip into your favorite heels and a cardigan.

2. Satin Blazer

About Us Desiray Satin Blazer in Leopard

Find this item at Revolve

To dress up a pair of jeans, wear a satin blouse. This leopard print top is on trend for the Fall and it offers a great fit and flare cut that is flattering on anyone. Take advantage of the weather by wearing this chic blouse now before it gets too cold. After November, the thought of wearing anything low cut will give you the chills! If you're not into wearing bold prints like this one, check out the Revolve website for similar tops without a print. Regardless of the color or style, satin blouses are a super classy staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe.

3. Corduroy Culottes 

Wide of the Mark Corduroy Culottes

Find this item at Nasty Gal

These pants are the perfect combination of a statement piece and a neutral. The wide-cut leg is ideal for showing off a pair of heeled booties and it goes well with a fitted sweater. If you get bored from rotating the same pairs of jeans, switch it up with these comfy and stylish pants. They are super easy to style and give an outfit that "effortless yet put together" vibe that we all strive for.

4. Velvet Miniskirt 

Plus O Ring Zip Cord Mini Skirt

Find this item at Boohoo

Skirts are a must for the holiday season, and this one is great because it works for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Offering a pop of color and a texture, this velvet zip skirt is a subtle statement piece that matched easily with any basic black or white sweater. For a classic Fall look, pair this with thigh high boots and knee socks to balance the miniskirt length.

5. Leopard Booties

Ankle Boots with Zip - Beige/leopard print

Find this item at H&M

If you couldn't already tell, leopard print is having a moment in Fall fashion. Of all the leopard print booties I have seen, these are one of the most unique pairs I have found because of their fur texture. Leopard print is more versatile than you think, as it can be worn with denim, black, white, and even certain shades of brown. At just under $40, these H&M booties are a reasonable price for a statement shoe.

6. Black Cardigan 

Knit Cardigan - Black - Ladies

Find this item at H&M

Everyone needs a basic knit cardigan, and this one has been styled so well for a party look! Cardigans can be thrown over nearly any outfit and are not just exclusive to your average jeans and sweater combo. Worn with the right colors, a cardigan can accentuate a dress or can make any look appear more polished. This simple piece is so versatile and could be that one part of the outfit that pulls everything together.

7. Blanket Scarf 

ASOS DESIGN oversized square scarf in blown up check in mink

Find this item at ASOS

When in doubt, throw a stylish blanket scarf over your outfit. Not only does this cozy accessory spice up a basic look, it can also add a pattern or print to make a dull outfit stand out. For a windy Fall day, this is a great option to warm up any style. If you are that person that is always cold (even when you are indoors with the heat blasting) then this is the look for you!

8. Wrap Dress

Hey Girl What's Satin-ing Wrap Dress

Find this item at Nasty Gal

This satin wrap dress is perfect if you are the type of person that enjoys dressing up for the holidays. With a fit and flare cut, you won't have to worry about your food baby showing after enjoying your favorite dishes.

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12 Gifts To Give Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

All of these gift ideas will for sure win over your girlfriend's heart this year!

To all the last-minute gift givers of Valentine's Day:

Don't panic. While I know how stressful it can be to get the perfect gift for your significant other, there are so many gift ideas that people always forget as an option. The best part about Valentine's day is not the gifts you get, but rather the romantic time you get to spend with your loved one. So don't worry about how expensive the gift is, just worry about how much thought you put into it. If you are still stuck on a gift to buy for your girlfriend, here are 12 ideas to get the ball rolling for you:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is every woman's best friend. It also can be your wallet's best friend for this Valentine's Day season. A box of chocolate can warm your girlfriend's heart for a low price.

Buy a box on Amazon.

2. Flowers

Flowers. Another common, but romantic gift for your girlfriend. Get creative with it. Throw rose pedals all over the bed, or hand her a giant bouquet all at once. Either way I am sure she will love it.

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3. Giant Teddy Bear

This is a gift that I always found so adorable. While it can be obnoxious to purchase and carry around, the look on your girlfriend's face when she sees it will make it all worth it. She can cuddle the bear when you're not around. ;)

Buy one on Amazon.

4. Wine

Again, another luxury that is a woman's best friend. You cannot go wrong with buying your girlfriend a bottle, or bottles, of wine. The only question you have to ask yourself when buying it is, red or white?

Buy a set of glasses to match on Amazon.

5. A Couple's Massage

Um, hello. Who wouldn't love this gift? Not only is it a gift for her, but it is one for you as well. This gift can also be surprisingly cheap. Many places offer amazing deals during the Valentine's Day season!

6. Dinner

There is absolutely nothing wrong with just taking your girlfriend to a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. Dinner can be expensive enough as it is, the important thing to remember is to make memories that will last a lifetime during the meal.

7. A Movie

Again, nothing wrong with just going to a movie for the night. Sometimes a movie can set the level of romance you need for Valentine's Day.

Buy an AMC gift card on Amazon.

8. A Necklace

I know what you're thinking, too expensive! Don't throw away the necklace idea just yet. There are so many stores that sell such elegant necklaces, and they are decently priced as well. Check out stores like Alex and Ani, or Pandora for great deals, or just order from Amazon!

Buy one on Amazon.

9. A Ring

While this gift may only apply to a select few, imagine how memorable this day would be for your girlfriend. Do not think it is too cliche to propose to your girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Who cares how many other people do it, think about the joy it will bring her.

Buy a diamond ring on Amazon.

10. Clothes

Plan and buy your girlfriend's outfit for the night! It saves her time figuring out what to wear, and you just bought her clothes that she will absolutely adore!

Buy a sweater she will love on Amazon.

11. A One Night Stay at a Hotel

I don't think I have to say anything about this gift. You all know how romantic this is.

Buy a Hotels.com gift card on Amazon.

12. Personalized Picture Frame

A gift that is beyond thoughtful. Taking all of your pictures of memories from before and putting them together for your girlfriend is a gift that will for sure have her in tears.

Buy one on Amazon.

Please note that all items are in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

Cover Image Credit: Chip Party Ideas

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5 Things To Look For Before Signing A Lease

"Does it have a hallway closet?"


Spring is an exciting time of year. The trees are starting to get leaves again, flowers are blooming and the weather is starting to get nicer. Spring Break seems to be right around the corner. However, Spring also brings the dreaded apartment hunting season. Once your lease is up you can either renew it or find a new place. Finding a new apartment can be stressful but that shouldn't take the fun out of it. So, here is a list of things I wish I had known to look for before signing the lease.

Check for hallway closets

Once moving in you realize how much you miss that closet in the hallway and how much stuff you really put in there. That closet was the perfect place to stash those pesky cleaning supplies, the vacuum, and the broom. Those odds and ends like the extra paper towels and water bottles so nicely fit into that hallway closet you took for granted. Living without storage for these items has made our living area and kitchen look a mess and a nuisance when having to move it just to use the table.

Noise levels

Noise levels are something that is often forgotten about when walking through an apartment. You shouldn't be able to hear your roommates Netflix binge through the wall. What about the floors do the creak? Does the door make an annoying screech when opening it? What about the traffic outside does it bother you? Remember once you sign that lease you're stuck until it is up. Living with creaky doors and floors makes going to your 8 am class so much worse knowing you might wake your roommate by accident.


Damages are something most people notice before moving in but is there water damage? Water damage often means a leaking roof or dripping pipe that could become a worse issue later. Taking note of these damages before signing can prevent you from having to pay for them later.


It's college everyone parties it seems, but living by the parties can be annoying especially if you're trying to study. Partying usually happens a couple nights of the week but those couple nights seem like every night when attempting to study for an exam on Thirsty Thursday. Studying feels nearly impossible when you hear a raging party going on next door.

Kitchen storage

Storage in general as mentioned in number one is important. A place for your food in the kitchen makes a difference in how much you actually cook. When having a place for cans or boxes of pasta you feel less overwhelmed when you do cook them. Cooking with stuff on the counters isn't only annoying but it makes a mess to clean up. Storage for all your kitchen gadgets and dishes makes for an easier life and not just piles laying around.

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