To The Friends I Made My Freshman Year Of College

To The Friends I Made My Freshman Year Of College

Thank you for the laughter, love and adventures you have all brought into my life!

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To The Friends I Made My Freshman Year of College,

This season of my life has been the happiest, most challenging one yet. I am so beyond thankful that I have had you all to love and support me through everything. I’m thankful for the late nights of studying, trips to Tea Largo and PDQ and hearing about your “God moments." Most of all, I am thankful for friends who are a constant source of encouragement. Thank you for praying for and with me, sharing my happiest moments and being there in my tears (we all know I cry way too often.)

Caroline, thank you for being a constant friend to me this year. You have taught me vulnerability and have always been an honest voice of reason to me. Thank you for pushing me to break the rules once in awhile. I need to let loose every now and then. Thanks for all your sticky notes of bible verses and encouraging notes. Your friendship is something I will always treasure!

Monique, I have loved watching you grow so much as a person this year and I’m so proud to call you my friend! I can always count on you to watch YouTube videos with, eat gummy candy and just laugh with. I’ve loved doing life with you this year and I’ll lowkey miss hearing you on the phone in Portuguese in the room!

Boogie, your heart for The Lord and for worship will always inspire me! Without you, our room would not have been so full of laughter. Thanks for paying Jersey a visit and accidentally seeing Khalid with me. Your friendship has been a blessing to me I’ll miss you tons this summer!

Abby, you are my friend crush come true. From basically making my room your second room first semester to skipping CCU together to beach trips to the heart to heart talks, you’ve been there for it all. I cannot thank you enough for all of the ways you’ve poured into my life spiritually. Thank you for worshipping with me and always reminding me who I am in Christ even when I feel like such a mess. Thanks for being there through all my happy moments and tears. You are a forever friend and I love you endlessly!

Lexi, your friendship has brought so much laughter and fun into my life. Thanks for being my airport buddy and for staying with me in Portico for hours while I study. I will miss our daily Charties trips immensely… minus the Charties part. You have been a constant friend to me and I can’t wait for three more years of crazy, amazing and unforgettable adventures!

Noah, your friendship has blessed me so much this semester! Thank you for being so kind and encouraging towards me and for always being there for me whether that means helping me move my stuff out of my dorm or cheering me on through Life Science. You push me to be the best version of myself and inspire me to be kind to others. Thanks for letting me distract you from your homework when I just want to talk, getting Charties with me and going on lots of fun adventures; I look forward to lots more!

You have all made Florida feel like home and without you a part of my life feels like it’s missing. I would not be the person I am today and college would not be the same without your friendship. Cheers to three more years of laughter, tears, petting cute dogs on campus, studying in Portico for hours and incredible adventures! I love you all with all my heart.

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