There are some people that you just hang out with, and you think "wow these people are the best."

I wouldn't want to explore the city, make pancakes, or get crazy with anyone else.

You shampooed my hair when I was a wreck. You are literally always there for me to call at any time in the day. You tell me what I need to hear. You always have my back. And, you're all like family to me.

I love college. There is nothing better than these four years, and I know we're all going to be friends forever. I lowkey wish I could take a fifth year to keep chillin' and hanging out with y'all.

Even though, we can't all be fifth years I'm happy we're all BFFs.

Let's keep killin' it this last year and a half together.

I'm already sad thinking about my being a senior next year and leaving some of y'all.

I'm so proud of all of you for being great humans and loving life. I know even when we're all in different places in different cities you're all going to be happy and LIVING it.

It's one heck of a life and you guys make the stressful days better and all the sh*t of being in college not so crappy.

Thanks for taking care of me, being here when I need it and not judging me for all of my dumb mistakes.

Especially thank you for listening to me cry and washing the shampoo out of my hair.

You guys are the best and I couldn't ask for better friends, so thank you gang gang for keeping me young and being real ones.

Love you even though we're all a mess sometimes.

Can't wait to actually go to Paris with you all. HA.