Here's How The 'Friends' Characters Would React To Emma's Virtual Prom And Graduation
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Here's How The 'Friends' Characters Would React To Emma's Virtual Prom And Graduation

Happy 18th, Emma.

Here's How The 'Friends' Characters Would React To Emma's Virtual Prom And Graduation

Back around new years, loyal "Friends" fans gathered to ring in 2020 with the words of their favorite self-hating data processor, Chandler Bing.

At exactly 11:48 pm on December 31, Netflix users tuned in to "The One with the Cake," or— better suited for today's milieu, "The One Where Chandler Sees the Future."

In the episode, Ross records Monica and Chandler as they share a birthday message for baby Emma to see on her 18th birthday. As the clock struck midnight, viewers heard Chandler say, "Hi, Emma. It's the year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?"

Speaking from the year of face masks, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper rations, poor Emma Geller-Green wishes she was.

This year, 2020, Emma would be out celebrating her 18th birthday with her best friends while Ross and Rachel wallow in middle age at home.

Emma would be calling Monica to tell her to tell Rachel that her style is stuck in 1987 and she needs to let her pick out her own prom dress.

Emma would be sitting on a stage, a "GO VIOLETS!" (you know it's true) graduation cap bobby-pinned into her hair, ready to start the next chapter of her life. But like everyone else born in the year 2002, her senior year is not proceeding as planned.

Here's how the "Friends" characters would react to the coronavirus forcing Emma's prom and graduation online.

Ross and Rachel

Rachel no longer understands the meaning of motherhood. She spent 21 hours and 27 minutes in labor for what exactly?

To not be the best-dressed mother at pre-prom? To not have Monica design the most beautiful NYU commitment party all of Westchester has ever seen? To not see jaws drop at Emma's custom Louis Vuitton?

Amazon has become her crutch to distract from the pain. There is no longer any white space in her home. Throw pillows and tapestries abound.

Dr. Ross Geller, professor of paleontology, tells Rachel not to worry because he is determined to cure the coronavirus before prom.

When not teaching Zoom classes, Ross spends his days examining fossils in hopes that they will relay a message for the cure. He tried committing himself to his music career but Rachel broke his keyboard during one of Trump's daily briefings.

Monica and Chandler

Through gloves that never leave her fingertips, Monica calls Rachel every day to tell her it'll all be okay — there's always Emma's wedding.

Behind closed doors, however, Monica is counting her lucky Nestle's Toll House chocolate chip cookies that the twins were born in 2004. Rachel may have stolen Monica's thunder when she had a kid first, but the coronavirus stole Rachel's thunder 18 years later.

She is cautiously optimistic about Jack and Erica's prom and graduation happening in 2022 but also isn't sure if she will ever leave the house again.

Chandler called this months ago. In January, he bet Joey that Emma's prom and graduation would be canceled, and won $100 the day Scarsdale High School announced it (Joey can afford it. Monica makes all of his sandwiches).

Chandler's life could not be going better. If it means not going to work, Chandler can social distance forever — just make sure nobody gets within six feet of him. He carries a stick.


It is unclear whether Phoebe knows about the status of Emma's senior year festivities because no one has heard from her since the shelter-in-place order was issued.

Fearful about the coronavirus infecting her via technological airwaves, she has discarded her Blackberry and first-generation Macbook. No Instagram Live for Phoebe. She sings "Coronavirus Bye-ress" for her audience of one — Mike.

She insists he wears a space suit at all times.


Joey doesn't understand why Emma is upset about a virtual prom. Hasn't she seen the Zoom background filters?

He would much rather have celebrated prom at Katz Delicatessen than Terrace on the Park. While Phoebe hasn't taken to Instagram Live, Joey has reprised his role as Dr. Drake Ramoray for daily "Instagram Exclusives."

Chandler took Joey's phone away when he realized he was actually offering people medical advice. Don't drink bleach.

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