Freshmen year of college is hectic, crazy and fun, just like the Kardashians.

1. When you realize you took your parents for granted

2. When you eat at the dining halls for the first time

3. Studying is so different

4. Realizing that taking an 8am probably wasn’t the best idea

5. Trying to figure out how to adult

6. How fast paced everything is

7. Getting ready for a night out

8. Using communal showers for the first time

9. When girls try to start high school drama

10. Failing your first test

11. Going to your first class and not knowing anybody

12. Having no idea what you want to do with your life

13. When your teacher says attendance is required

14. Waiting for summer break because school is too stressful

15. Starting out with the mentality of going to the gym everyday then just not

16. When so many people are on the wifi that nothing will load

17. Going home for the first time

18. Knowing just several months ago you were in school for 7 hours not you can’t even do 45 minutes

19. When your roommate comes back after a night out

20. Looking at pictures from high school

21. When you realize your assignments due tomorrow

22. When you meet your best friend

23. When you realize how poor you are

24. When you finally realize how much you love your school