6 Lessons I Learned As A Freshman, So You Don't Have To
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6 Lessons I Learned As A Freshman, So You Don't Have To

We all have a lot to learn as freshmen.

6 Lessons I Learned As A Freshman, So You Don't Have To
Mark Bonica

I went into my freshman year of college with so many questions and expectations.

I was worried I wouldn’t make friends, uneasy because I didn’t quite know what I wanted to major in, and terrified of living in a dorm so far away from home. There were a lot of things I wish I had known before moving in - for instance, that pulling an all-nighter in any circumstance is a poor choice, and that drinking Five Hour Energy is not a valid substitute for sleep – and a few things that would have made my transition a little easier.

For anyone about to start their first year of college, here are six things that I wish I had heard.

1. You will make friends

This was my biggest concern about coming to college, and it ended up being the last thing I needed to worry about. So many people arrive at college without knowing anybody, and most freshmen that I met were eager to make friends.

2. You won’t stay friends with everyone you meet, and that’s OK

You’ll meet so many people during your first quarter in college, and it’s incredibly likely that you won’t end up getting along with all of them. College isn’t high school – if you don’t want to hang out with someone anymore for whatever reason, you don’t have to. Find a group of friends that supports you and makes you feel happy.

3. You’ll get homesick, but so will everyone else

Everyone ends up missing home at one point or another. There’s nothing wrong with calling up a friend or family member and telling them how much you miss them.

4. Your sleep schedule will be a disaster

When trying to balance academics and a social life, you’re bound to have to sacrifice sleep sooner or later. You may find yourself wondering how you’re managing to survive by staying up all night and sleeping at strange hours during the day.

5. The perfect college experience doesn’t exist

Your vision of what college life is supposed to be like is drastically going to change throughout your first year. Lots of people change their majors, move around different social circles, and end up getting involved with things that never would have crossed their minds earlier. There will be things you like about your college and things you don’t.

6. You’re going to change a lot

You’ll be a different person when you come home from college. You’ll know more about yourself and have grown in unexpected ways. Enjoy it – while college isn’t easy, it’s such a memorable experience and gives you a chance to develop into the person you want to be.

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