A Freshman's First Semester As Told By Taylor Swift
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A Freshman's First Semester As Told By Taylor Swift

A Freshman's First Semester As Told By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been there to describe every major event in my life: the first day of high school, crushes, dates, friend problems and all the ups and downs in between. First semester of freshman year in college is an adjustment, and the queen was there to describe it perfectly. Here is first my semester of freshman year as told by Taylor Swift songs.

1. Move-in day -- "Today As A Fairytale"

Move-in day was a blur of pots and pans, boxes, tears and excitement. New found freedom, a beautiful campus, and a new roommate can leave many students feeling as though they are living in a fairy tale.

2. First day of classes -- "Fearless"

Getting up on time for an 8 a.m. class? No problem, I’ll even have time to get breakfast! I’m totally a pro at this college thing because two days of orientation totally makes me an expert. Bring on the 30-page syllabus. I’m ready for this!

3. Late-night adventures -- "Should’ve Said No"

Getting up for class after a late-night CookOut run and cry session with your roommate seems a lot easier than it actually is. Hearing the blaring alarm at 8 a.m. can be a huge shock for someone who is running on three hours of sleep, and it can cause instant regrets from staying up way too late.

4. First test -- "Blank Space"

Spending all night in the library making flashcards and reviewing notes still can’t tackle all of the nerves most people deal with while taking the first test in college. It might even be an easy test, but the thought of taking a college level test is enough to intimidate anyone.

5. Roommate problems -- "Bad Blood"

Living with someone can be difficult, especially if you weren’t friends before moving to college. Most people have to deal with many differences like schedules, bathroom times and cleanliness, which can lead to tension and fights among roommates. The first fight with your roommate can seem like the end of the world, but at the after working things out, there won't be any bad blood.

6. A bad test grade -- "Shake It Off"

No matter how much studying was done, some tests just get the best of students. When you get a bad test grade back, it can be super stressful, but it is important to remember to just shake it off!

7. First major college tradition -- "Wonderland"

Big or small, college traditions are part of the experience. At Meredith, we have Cornhuskin’, and finally experiencing it helped make college seem even more like a wonderland.

8. The crazy work load before Thanksgiving Break -- "Mean"

As the semester starts to come to an end, professors seem to make a pact to pile up as much work as possible. Three tests, a quiz and two papers all in one day have most students wanting to scream, "Why you gotta be so mean?"

9. Beginning of finals week -- "Out of the Woods"

So close, but so far away! Starting finals can leave any freshman asking if they've made it "out of the woods yet."

10. Last day of the semester -- "Everything Has Changed"

Looking back and realizing how far you've come since move-in day is an amazing feeling, and a lot has changed. Friends have been made, tears have been shed and memories have been made. The last day of the semester has students taking a bow for making it this far!

11. Next semester here we come -- "Begin Again"

No matter how the first semester went, it's time to put it behind us, put on a fierce face and begin again!

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