Freshman Year Explained By Friends
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Freshman Year Explained By Friends

Don't worry-- everyone else is struggling just as much as you

Freshman Year Explained By Friends

Coming into your freshman year of college, you don't really know what to expect. Sure you probably have somewhat of an idea from tv shows and movies, or maybe you have an older sibling who's made the journey before you, but you don't really know what you're getting yourself into until you're all moved into your dorm, mom and dad are gone, and it comes time to figure out your first dinner all on your own. You most likely set some expectations and goals for yourself, but come May you will undoubtedly find yourself facing a couple broken promises. Have no fear though- freshman year is all about growth and it's okay to slip a couple times. Curious to see what freshman year might hold for you? Take a peek at these 20 explanations provided by Friends.

1. Being pumped for your first frat party

2. Getting aggravated by the constant disturbances in dorm buildings

3. Gaining the freshman fifteen and trying to be okay with it

4. Realizing that your study skills aren't sufficient for passing college exams

5. Getting in bed and remembering you were supposed to DD for your big

6. When your roommate refuses to keep her half of the room clean

7. Getting assignment notifications on Blackboard when you're home for the holidays

8. Avoiding eye contact with people in lecture halls when you bring snacks to class

9. Trying to block out loud conversations in the library

10. When the stress of exams launches you into a mid-semester crisis

11. Leaving for class Monday morning after getting 3 hours of sleep

12. When someone takes the last *insert item* in the dining hall

13. Coming home after a night out to your roommate hooking up with someone

14. Seeing your best friend for the first time since August

15. When your social life begins to take its toll on your bank account

16. Confronting the frat star who won't stop sending you 2am texts

17. Getting help from your roommate on online tests

18. Remembering an online assignment ten minutes before the deadline

19. Getting a bad spray tan before your first frat formal

20. Finding new ways to decompress after a bad day

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