10 Things I Won't Miss About Freshman Year Of College
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10 Things I Won't Miss About Freshman Year Of College

Like, at all.

10 Things I Won't Miss About Freshman Year Of College
Kimson Doan

I have learned so much about myself as a Freshman in college, and have encountered many new experiences that have made this year an amazing one. As I will truly miss Freshman year greatly, here are 10 things I will not miss about this crazy school year.

1. The all-nighters

The one thing that has been continuous my Freshman year, besides my morning commute to Starbucks, has been those all-nighters! I know many people think of all-nighters differently, but I have always thought of them as staying up continuously throughout the night with zero sleep, and continuing (or trying to) with the rest of the day.

With my major, all-nighters are the one thing we all try to avoid, but I have had about 3 nights where I have not slept for 48 continuous hours—and they are excruciating, for sure. I do stay up, working at the design Warehouse until 5 am during most nights of the week though, and I would love to fix this some as well for next year.

2. The dining hall food

I cannot wait to be able to skip the dining hall next year. As I’ll be living off campus in an apartment, I’ll be able to do my own groceries. I am honestly so excited for this, as going a year with dining hall food has been awful. I must say, I haven’t entered the dining hall in about three weeks because I do try to avoid it at all costs—but it does get costly to continuously avoid it. Being able to do my own grocery shopping next year will fix this problem, and I am so ready.

3. Having Friday classes

Most of my friends at Syracuse University who aren’t in design don’t have Friday classes, and I have been continuously jealous all year. My Friday’s are filled with classes from 8 am to 5 pm, and it becomes the most dreaded day of the week. Next year I’ll have no Friday classes, and I cannot wait.

4. Having early classes every day

Early classes are the worst. Each of my classes start at either 8 am, 9:30 am, and 11 am. On the two days, I have 11 a.m. classes I am continuously ecstatic, as it feels amazing to actually catch some sleep before class.

5. Sprinting to the bus every morning

One of my worst habits is leaving at the last minute, and this happens too much with the bus. I seem to find myself speed walking to the bus every morning, and by the time I get there, my legs feel like they could truly break. Having a car on campus next year will be life-altering, and I am so ready.

6. Dismissing social life for classes

As I am constantly at the Warehouse working on design and fashion projects, there is very little time to do much else. When I have spare time, I am always running towards my friends, as I am lucky as a fashion major whenever I have time to myself. I’ll be lucky next year to be taking less design classes and be able to focus more-so on my major, to have more time to myself and more time with my friends.

7. Living in a dorm

As mentioned, I will not be living in a dorm next year, and I am beginning to become more excited about this. Being on campus is convenient, but as I’ll be bringing my car to campus next year, I won’t need to be on campus anymore. I cannot wait to actually have my own space in a cute apartment—one that I’ll be able to decorate and personalize much more, with two floors of space. Living in the dorms is not too much fun, and I cannot what to have more space to myself.

8. The cliques

Freshman year consists of finding your true friend group, and making friends with lots and lots of people. Throughout this process, I have learned how many cliques form in college, and am glad to know I will not have to go through that process again.

9. Adjusting to the college life

Freshman year is all about adjustments. I have grown such an immense amount this year, and truly feel I have completely adjusted to the life as a college student.

10. The crazy schedule

Freshman year is extremely busy, and I am excited to have some extra time in my schedule next year. As I have truly pushed myself to the fullest, I have been part of many organizations and events, while developing my entire portfolio for this year in the fashion field. Next year I understand that I should step back some, and understand that I do not have to exhaust myself by filling my schedule so much. I must say, it has all been so worth it, but it does get very tiring!

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