One Day At A Time Takes On Freshman Year
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Student Life

21 Aspects Of The First Semester Of College As Told By 'One Day At A Time'

Dale, estudiantes, dale!


"One Day At A Time" is hands-down my favorite show on Netflix.

Not only does the show touch upon numerous social issues, but it does so in a humorous way that allows the viewer to be aware of the current issues in our country while simultaneously being entertained by the funniest, close-knit TV family ever created.

My favorite thing about each of the characters is how relatable they all are no matter who the viewer is. There's a character for everyone!

Even though none of the characters on the show are in college, I find a lot of the situations the characters find themselves are in pretty relatable to the average college student.

Entonces, grab yourself a bowl of ropa vieja and get ready for 15 aspects of college as told by the characters of "One Day At A Time".

Let's get to this entertaining listicle one point at a time!

1. When you get accepted to your dream school

I remember receiving my acceptance letter to Sam Houston and immediately losing my mind! I couldn't believe I was going to be a college student!

2. When you're in your dorm saying goodbye to your family

Living on your own can be difficult at first, but when you finally have that sweet taste of freedom, you'll be screaming "Azucar!" at the top of your lungs!

3. When you start bonding with your roommate


Having a great roommate that you get along with right away can make the transition process so much easier. Thankfully I had an awesome first roommate who helped me adjust to my new life much quicker than I otherwise would have. Thanks, Laura!

4. When you first lay eyes on that textbook bill

My wallet's got me screaming "no", but my obsession with getting good grades got me screaming "yes!"

5. When it's the first day of class and the professor starts teaching

Look, as much as I'd like to learn about the parts of the brain at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of class, how about we just go over the syllabus and then get some Starbucks?

6. When the sororities and fraternities find out you're looking for organizations to join

Slow down there, buckaroo, I'm just browsing.

7. When you survive the first week of class and celebrate with a movie night

Even though you've already been assigned 300 hours of homework, it's important to relax and find time to spend with your new friends!

8. When the first test doesn't include anything you went over in class

Do you think Schneider can repair dead brains as well as toilets?

9. When you get your first test grade back and you barely passed

Let's face it, we all bombed that first test. However, the important thing is to learn from our mistakes and do better next time. Remember to take your classes one assignment at a time, and you'll be fine.

10. When you finally understand what's going on in class

At first, I was as lost as Dr. Berkowitz without Abuelita, but after a while, it started to come together like the Alvarez family at dinner time!

11. When your parents send you a care package with money in it

Can't relate, but wouldn't that have been fun!

12. When you forget your umbrella on a rainy day

One time. You do that one time. Why can't they just cancel class on rainy days?

13. When you're halfway through the semester but you're also halfway dead

Tests, quizzes, papers, discussion posts, lectures, note-taking, homework, internal screaming, crying into a bag of Cheetos, hyperventilating while cuddling your laptop, etc. It's enough to make a grown Schneider cry!

14. When the professor mentions extra credit opportunities

When you're only 2 points away from moving that B up to an A (or that F up to a D), extra credit is a gift from God and Serena Williams!

15. When you get back to your dorm after a bad day and your roommate asks you how your day was

You try to choke out the words "I'm fine" when in reality, your eyes are about to leak harder than Schneider's hot tub all over Dr. Berkowitz!

16. When you wake up feeling refreshed after sleeping in during the weekend

That would be lovely if I wasn't working two jobs!

17. When you and your classmates find a Quizlet for the class

Gather 'round, children, let us "study" together!

18. When one of your classmates tells you they haven't started the assignment either

Knowing you're not the only one that's slacking in the class is one of the most comforting feelings a student can experience. Dale, procrastination, dale!

19. When you and your friends finish your finals and it's time to celebrate

After a crazy semester full of late nights, crying while studying and forming an insanely unhealthy coffee addiction, it's time to kick back with your friends with pizza, movies, music, and good vibes!

20. When you have to say goodbye to your friends for semester break

Your college friends are your second family, and saying goodbye to them for a month is almost as hard as saying goodbye to your family was when they dropped you off!

21. When you get to reunite with your family and friends from back home and it's as if you never left

As much as you've been enjoying your new life in college, it's always good to see your family, catch up with your friends from back home and spend time with the people that helped you get to where you are now. Familia para siempre!

While homework will always have a special place on my to-do list even though it's never getting done, "One Day At A Time" will always have a special place en mi corazon--whether I'm in college, working, starting a family or putting awkward old men in the friend zone in my later years!

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