Fresh Air For Every Morning

It is still true,

Each morning is a chance to begin again.

This has never changed, and it never will.

How do we grab on to this new opportunity?

Do we work harder?

Do we set more goals?

Uh, no.

We listen.

Slow down, child.

Listen in.

What is your body telling you?

Your body is very smart.

What is your heart telling you?

It actually knows what is happening.

What is your mind telling you?

Are those your true thoughts?

Listen in to the truth,

It lives in you, and it lives in me,

But sometimes we get so loud and busy that we don't hear it.

So, imagine what would happen if we slowed down,

And listened?

Listen to your heartbeat.

It is amazing.

It pumps life through your entire body, naturally.

Listen to your lungs filtering air in and out.

It is amazing.

It provides new breath every second.

Listen, little child.

There is still truth inside of you,

There is still a voice that is strong, that prevails.

Listen, little one.

It is worth it.

You are worth it.

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