I have been a fan of the Freeform channel since it was called ABC Family. I have watched so many shows that were produced by this channel and I loved all of them. I even have a ton more than I didn't catch on live TV that I plan to watch on Netflix. I've ALWAYS loved this network because it bases the shows and movies for my age group or generation.

But I've also started watching several that Freeform decided they wanted to cancel. Why do you do this to us, Freeform?

I got hooked to shows like "The Lying Game," "10 Things I Hate About You," "Guilt," and "Famous in Love." Unfortunately, all of these shows were canceled before a season three could be produced, some of them not even making it to season two. I've also watched shows such as "Young & Hungry" and "Baby Daddy" that had a full series and had a real season finale, but it was all rushed because Freeform was done making these shows. This is also true for the comedy "Melissa & Joey."

I know everything on TV is all based on views, popularity, and all that jazz, but it's not even like the new shows being produced are any better. Some of the shows Freeform airs now look like knock-off reality shows or just very low budget.

I've just gotten to the point now where I don't really watch any shows from this network anymore because everything good and interesting is being canceled. Every time I find a new show that I want to watch, it gets canceled.

To add to the list "Dead of Summer," "Twisted," "Ravenswood," and "Chasing Life" were also canceled. Every one of the canceled shows here are within recent years...so why Freeform? You're putting out new shows all the time, but almost immediately you cancel them all.

Can't you guys just give us a show and run it until the end?

Freeform, please please please stop canceling all of our shows. It's really saddening to be left on all these cliffhangers and never being able to find out what happens because the show is canceled.