Here we are.

With just weeks until graduation, it is time to make the best memories that will last us a lifetime.

As I am getting ready to graduate myself, I started to think about the things I am going to miss the most and I wanted to share this list with my fellow graduating seniors...make the most of these last few weeks and don't take the freebies for granted:

1. The free T-Shirts

2. Living with your best friends

3. The free food at every event

4. Spring Weekend

5. Free gym access

6. Thirsty Thursday

7. Summer vacation

8. Making your own schedule

9. Naps

10. Skipping class just because you can

11. Student discounts

12. Spring break

13. Your clubs and sports teams

14. The professors that you love

15. Big Prize Bingo

16. The feeling of relief when you finally finish that term paper minutes before class

17. Dining Dollars

18. Living off of a meal plan

19. Beer Pong

20. Multiple closets to choose outfits from