4 Hazards Of Cell Phones

In 2016 almost everyone has a cell phone, whether it be an Android, Apple product or basic flip phone. However, unbeknownst to must of us, our phones may be the cause behind some health issues.

1. The most recent unwanted side effect that smartphones are causing, particularly the larger ones, is being called "Smartphone Pinky." It is a finger deformity that is said to be irreversible.

2. Smartphone use is supposedly causing is early arthritis. Arthritis used to only affect the elderly, secretaries, and stenographers. But now since it's common for young people to be constantly texting, tweeting or searching the web, arthritis symptoms are seen in many young people. Increased cases of arthritis have been linked to the timing of Justin Bieber album releases and provocative remarks made by Donald Trump. Coincidence?

3. Overusing your phone can lead to a severe addiction. Some say it's as addictive as alcohol or drugs. This is called Nomophobia, which is the name given to the fear of being without mobile contact.

4. iPhone Battery Explosion. This really does happen! So next time you decide to keep your phone in your pajama pocket on the off chance of an important Facebook message know that it might prove injurious!

Overall, stay safe and remember there were times without cell phones, so if people could live without them you can go a day without one too.

Disclaimer: This is a humor piece, and nothing on this list is statistically harmful to your well being.

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