Focus On These 4 Areas In Order To Live A 'Clean' Life
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Focus On These 4 Areas In Order To Live A 'Clean' Life

Physical clutter and mental clutter, they are both detrimental to our being.

Focus On These 4 Areas In Order To Live A 'Clean' Life

Clutter. It piles up in our rooms, in our closets, and in our day to day routines. Physical clutter could be trash around one's room or extra furniture that was said to be moved three years ago, but most importantly it is the sh*t that we simply just have to let go. In order to live a happy and more productive life, I believe, that there are four components to focus on in order to achieve a state of stability. Focusing on the mind, the body, healthy relationships, and the environment we indulge ourselves in dictates what we will receive in return as individuals. Take these areas of life sincerely, and they will respond accordingly.

1. Creating Clean Spaces

A living space speaks volumes to a person's values and often can be connected to the metaphysical place that they are in their lives. It is understandable that people have different situations and varying schedules. However, keeping a clean space will help to diffuse the stress caused by a busy routine. Believe it or not, there are actually positive effects from keeping an organized space as backed by psychology.

In 2010, a study was conducted to analyze the way women discussed their homes. Women who described their living spaces as "cluttered" or full of "unfinished projects" were more likely to be depressed and fatigued than women who described their homes as "restful" and "restorative." Therefore, the essence that is created within a space can connect to how one will feel in the space of their mind.

Some argue that they prefer a more minimalistic style while others fancy a cozier feel. No matter what decor fits you, prioritize keeping things neat. This is not to say that you need to do an intensive deep cleaning every day, but just tidy up little by little throughout the week. A clean space will create feelings of positivity and promote relaxation and productivity.

2. Remember That Your Body Is A Temple

What we put into our bodies is exactly what we can expect to get out of them. So, with that in mind, we have to pay attention to the fuel that we are feeding ourselves every day. Many people think that eating healthy is boring and often frustrating - but it does not have to be.

Eating clean can be a journey. It opens doors to trying new foods and really allows one to monitor more intently what they are putting into their body. This does not have to mean only food either. Think about all of the chemicals we put into our bodies without even thinking twice. Alcohol, energy drinks, processed foods. Detoxing from some of these items from time to time will definitely allow for a change in mood and energy.

Balancing meals can add another sense of purpose and order to one's life. For me, eating healthy also connects to my mental state. When I know that I am putting good ingredients in my body, I will naturally stay more positive. Eating something that is a bit more guilt-induced, makes me feel sluggish and less motivated to tackle the day. As said before, your body is a temple! Remember to take care of it!

Tip: An easy, yet beneficial way to make healthy eating fun, is simply trying to add more color to your daily diet.

3. Healthy Relationships Are Essential

Another aspect that we devote ourselves to is our relationships. Whether they be romantic or not, the energy that we produce and consume from them can be detrimental to our health. In order to live a "clean life," it is very important to be realistic when it sizzles down to the people that we allow in our lives.

We as young adults are in a time period of constant change. Every day we are faced with situations that allow us to understand who we are as individuals more clearly, and others that tend to challenge us. Growth is a concept that one should prioritize in this stage of their life. If the people that we are surrounded by do not support, love, or advocate for us, they are not allowing us to live to our fullest potential.

Toxic relationships and people who shed negativity on one's growth is not something that we need in our day to day. Removing ourselves from these environments and people is not an easy one-two-three task. It is something we have to accept and take with ease. Eventually, everything will piece together and it will allow one to understand and learn from the place they were coming from. Cutting toxic people from one's life allows feelings of self-worth and value to grow. Recognizing this is one of the most powerful abilities we have as beings.

4. Clearing The Mind

By this point, it is pretty obvious that the common theme of living a "clean" life is decluttering. Doing this with the mind is more than necessary to promote peace within oneself.

There are several ways to accomplish this task. The key is finding the one that works the best for your thought patterns and coping mechanisms. Meditation is successful for many, while others write down their feelings in a journal. Overall, practicing self-care in a way that fits you is the most beneficial way to feel most at ease.

Whatever one chooses to do, it is important to include an element of reflection. The focus on the mind allows for debriefing and a sense of calmness, however, reflection strengthens the perceptions of ourselves. Clearing the mind allows for a central focus in what we wish to accomplish and leads to more productive work in the future. It is so important to de-stress. Allow your feelings and thoughts to be valid.

Overall, remember at the end of the day that you are human. Sometimes life gets tough, but we just need to refocus and remember what is most important.

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