Mom, thank you for all the times you've cooked and cleaned for me, made chocolate covered strawberries for friends who have come over, and baked banana bread (my favorite dessert) to send to me at college. Thank you for all the times you've sat on my bed and rubbed my head because I was tired or comforted me after a bad grade or a rough ice skating performance. Thank you for making me stay up for all of my appointments and helping me schedule some of them, which is not an easy task. Thank you for admiring all of the little pictures of flowers that I send you, for letting me indulge in that hobby. Thank you for keeping a bit of Yiddish in our home, so that we can throw out words like luchencup and patchin bachel as we schlep around. Thank you for always giving me a hug when I need one and kissing me on my keppe (head) just to show me that you love me, that you care.

Today is a special day for you, and as I know you read all of my Odyssey articles (thank you for that too, by the way!), I wanted to make one just for you so that you know how important you are to me.

Thank you for everything, Mom, and Happy Mother's Day!