Forming family traditions

If you're from the south you church, if you're black, maybe you church and if you're from a rural town in Wisconsin, chances are you church too. Going to mass is something I've opted out of for a few years now. I just can't handle the duality that comes with standing by church ideals while knowing that there are still good, phenomenal people outside the church.

So I don't go. But, every Sunday when my mother gets home from service she asks me to take a picture of her. "I love this dress, I look great" now as a resident ugly I don't support vanity, honestly because it's just too much work for me. I also considered it tedious and annoying but then I remembered received pictures of my grandma every Sunday when I was away. Like I said, I dont church so Sunday's aren't particularly meaningful. So getting that picture every week with my Grandma in her fancy dress and hat, reminded me that it was a special day.

Also I think pictures have lost there allure. In a world of daily selfies, we are oversaturated with photos so it becomes hard to say this picture is special. If you take pictures everyday clogging up your phone storage without ever looking back at them.

What makes them special? Is it paying for extra iCloud storage? It's easy to lose touch of those moments because they're caught in a sea of data. Until I realized it was special because she took a picture looking good and feeling good and sharing it with her family. She shared that special Sunday feeling she had with others, to brighten their day. Some days she didn't feel to good and didn't go to church, so no picture. Which made me call and ask how she was doing.

Now I don't find it so annoying when my mom asks for pictures. I'll actually use it as an opportunity to practice more, scheduling after church photo shoots.I still won't church… Then she can send it to her family and friends who don't church. To make their day special, because apparently seeing our friends and family living their best life is something we all enjoy.

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