4 Steps To A Formal Under 40 Dollars
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Student Life

4 Steps To A Formal Under 40 Dollars

Who says you can't look good for formal and afford basic necessities for the rest of the semester?

4 Steps To A Formal Under 40 Dollars

Horror movies need to forget demons and ghosts and start focusing on the actually scary stuff: college student's bank accounts at the end of second semester. If that dwindling number doesn't keep you up in cold sweats all night, then you're fearless. It becomes a particularly difficult situation when formals are at the end of second semester, as students can hardly splurge on a $10 trip to Chipotle, nevermind a blowout, spray tan, dress, and nail appointment. But obviously, there is no need to spend over $100, or even over $50 on formal. Here are some tips and tricks so you can slay the night without consequently slaying the last $0.08 in your bank account too.

Shop your friends closets 

First of all, if you're tight on cash there is no need to buy a new dress for formal, even if your sick of your personal wardrobe. Borrowing a friends dress, shoes, or jewelry is a great way to feel new, exciting, and confident without spending a cent (as long as you stay far away from the neon colored Jungle Juice at the post party).

Cost: Free! (Total Formal Budget So Far: $0.00)

Buy your own nail polish 

You can't deny that the epitome of "put together" is when someone's nails match their outfit. Thus, getting your nails done to match your dress is a tempting splurge. Instead, try buying a nail polish color that matches your dress for cheap and then do them yourself or have a friend do them. Yes, you skip out on the hand massage and essential oils, but you also skip out on the hefty price tag that comes along with it.

Cost: Around $10 (Total Formal Budget So Far: $10.00)

Recruit your friends for hair

After annoying your friends by shopping their closet for hours, another way to keep them irritated is by then asking them to do your hair. In all seriousness, we all have a friend who is at least semi-decent at a curl or wave look, who won't mind helping you out. Although having your friends (or yourself) do your hair might not make it look red carpet ready, I bet you won't be able to tell much of a difference from girls who actually got blowouts (and you'll save a coin or two).

Cost: Free! (Total Formal Budget So Far: $10.00)

Get a Glow Boss spray tan

Getting your skin perfectly glowy and sunkissed definitely feels like an essential, but this can often be one of the most expensive parts of formal. One service that will save your wallet's quickly fading life is called Glow Boss, which is essentially the Uber of spray tans. The best part about it, though, is that groups of 3 or more get perfectly glowy tans for only $30. So if you grab three of your friends who also are broke to glow up with you, then you're budget is golden (or maybe bronzed). Check to see if your school or city has this service here: https://www.glowboss.co/find-a-glow-boss-near-you (PS- Villanova has the best glow bosses around).

Cost: $30 (Total Formal Budget So Far: $40.00)

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