My Forever Best Friend
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"The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other."

Dear Sis,

You will never know how much I truly love you. I honestly did not know how much I loved you till a few months ago. My world was crumbling and through the debris, there you were waiting for me. In a time when I thought had no one on my side and everyone hated me. You were right there defending me.

This week is our 20th birthday and I am glad I get to share it with my best friend and sister!

You are crazy, but that is why we are the perfect set of sisters ! Here are 20 things I love about you, for your 20th birthday.

1. You are a genius when it comes to fashion.

Without you I would still be mismatching my clothes. Thank you for always helping pick out cute outfits.

2. You love with all your heart even though you do not show it often.

You do not always show your emotions, but somehow I always know what you mean.

3. You put up with someone like me.

I know I yell a lot, but I do love you. Thanks for putting up with my crazy self.

4. Showing me how even girls as stubborn as us can find a guy that will love us no matter what.

Y'all make the cutest pair and I am so glad he found you.

5. I love when you are in one of your good moods and we talk for hours.

Those days when I can just tell you anything and we do not even up fighting.

6. That mini photo shoot at 1 a.m. cause its Christmas.

No sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve/ Morning of Christmas Day because funny pictures are was better.

7. Helping me pass 10th and 11th grade English Vocabulary because I crack under pressure.

Without you I would have had F's on all my Vocabulary test.

8.Teaching me how to ride a bike!

Thanks for helping out so much.

9. Trying to make me laugh by saying, "bubble butt ", after my wreck.

I was scared and there you were at my window trying to make me smile .

10. Singing at the top of your lungs with me!

My favorite memory from Graduation is jamming out to music on the drive there.

11. Driving me, liking everywhere!

You are the Leonard to my Sheldon.

12. For only being a text or phone call away.

You always seem to know what to say, especially if it's about school,

13. Your random heads up texts.

Letting me know what is going on or reminding about something.

14. How you try to make the best out of bad theater seats.

Remember that one time we sat on the very bottom row, but you tried to laugh it off? Good times.

15. Loving movies as much as me.

Our family is a movie loving bunch. Getting to watch movies with you is the best time ever.

16. Sense of adventure.

You love going everywhere. I am pretty sure one day, you will travel the world.

17. My A1 since Day 1.

You have always been my best friend . Sisters by chance, friends by choice.

18. Food runs cause we are cool.

I could go for anything from a Cheeseburger to a Burrito!

19. Thanks for being my sister and not hating it that much.

"I smile because you are my sister. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."

20. For being you.

You are a hunter with a heart of gold. Keep shining!

So I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane. Go shine! Here is to two decades of being alive.


Your annoying sister

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