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​Forbes releases its List of Women Billionaires

I can hear Kim Kardashian shaking over the fact that her 20-year-old little sister is richer than her.

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With successful women like Oprah Winfrey glossing the list of the worlds' leading entrepreneurs, it shocked many for newcomer Kylie Jenner to grace the front page of Forbes latest issue. However, in the front of the cover, Forbes claimed to name Kylie Jenner "youngest ever self-made billionaire." If self-made means born into a privileged life that gave you unimaginable advantages because of the name you were born with, then Forbes is correct. However, Kylie Jenner did not pull herself out of the gutter and create an empire by herself. Their definition of "self-made" must be conflated with nepotism with her famous family. You cannot be self-made if you were born filthy rich.

Moreover, I do love seeing women in positions of wealth and empowerment. $900 million is still impressive. I will give her props for turning her Instagram fame into a makeup money machine. But, Kylie's money grew drastically because of the family she was born into and I believe accountability should not be ignored. I am not disregarding talent, but Kylie and Kendall Jenner have often victimized themselves because their privilege has opened every door for them. With Kendall Jenner often claiming she has been ostracized in the modeling world but has worked for every opportunity the same way other models within the industry have is laughable. Kim's fashion influence and Kris Jenner's connections held those gigs with Versace, Gucci, and Vogue open. Kendall, girl it's okay to have helped but let's not pretend this is not true! If these girls would simply check and recognize their privilege, there would be less to criticize.

Above all, I congratulate the women who have built their empire whether self-made or assisted, it is still refreshing to see women with the wealth they can control. I do wish it could be me on that list, but I can keep dreaming. One day Forbes, one day you'll give me a call.

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