For Those Trying To Take Control Of Their Life
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For Those Trying To Take Control Of Their Life

Some days we know we aren’t dead, but we aren’t thriving either.

For Those Trying To Take Control Of Their Life

Life produces these vibrant moments of euphoria; then, within days the moments can be painful. Eventually, the euphoric moments become memories and we're only left with the pain. If you experience one bad thing after another or mediocrity for so long, then you become accustomed to it. You start on the Matterhorn without any knowledge of when it will end.

To put it in simpler words: Life is the Matterhorn. You have the fun parts where you scream with excitement, but then the large yeti scares the life out of you and then you stay that way for a while.

I’m writing this to simply reaffirm you that life is hard. Some days we know we aren’t dead, but we aren’t thriving either. If your the person trying to get off the Matterhorn ride, then I’m proud of you. Sometimes pain and uncertainty doesn’t seem to end, so we end up in this lull. So if you’re trying to lose weight, go see a therapist, find a job, or even sleep more at night, I want you to know that it’s important.

Taking the first step to take control of your life is vital. As millennials, we are the generation that is most concerned with self-care. Live up to the wonderful millennial name, not the curse word it’s become to the generation above us, and take care of you.

To remind you why you breathe and of this crazy place, here is one of my new favorite poems. (It’s a little long but bare with me).

The trick is to get out of bed every morning/ whether or not you know why you do it,/ to realize the elements making life a prison are all of your imagined reasons to be afraid to wake up./ You will not escape lying down./

But climbing from under the covers/ is not escape yet either./ The trick is to keep moving,/ to build momentum like the future's/ not a bullet and five empty chambers/ impossible./

Time cannot be begged for forgiveness/ or tricked into garnering petty favors/ Your amount is finite./ Non-negotiable./ If you want something, you options are now or now when it comes to getting it for sure./

This is a race with a land mine finish./ You will not see it coming/ when you break the tape/ that keeps you in your body,/ but until then you have to life/ with what you've let yourself become./ If you're not running somewhere,/ you are lying to yourself./

The Trick is to lie to yourself/ as often as is necessary./ That poor little knot of nerves. you call a mind was not made. to swallow the facts without some sugar./ Sweeten it before you choke./ Stick the marble under one of three cups,/ forget the odds, and shuffle./ Give in to the grandiosity of your own patter/ if it can keep you going./ Believe without a fraction of a doubt/ that you can win at games of chance./ Do whatever it takes to brush it off when you don't./

While you're at it, it probably wouldn't hurt/ to stop looking for absolution at the end the day./ Your To-Do list is not penance. You are not/ being punished or made to earn you breathe./ You will not justify your existence by getting to the end./ There is no end to get to, anyway./

The real trick is that there is no trick./ Nobody has a cheat code,/ a built-in escape route,/ a way to know you've won./ This is just your life--/ every flawed and frightening second of it./ At the endow this physical internment,/ this occupation of the flesh, you die,/ And then it's over./

Your tiny fleck of awareness/ is just the scratch of static on some screen,/ a flicker of light or shadow in an ocean/ of so much of the same. Though you jeep trying,/ it is impossible to tell which on you are./ And you can't be sure anyone is really watching anyway./

Your on guaranteed reward for doing what you love/ is (if you're lucky) what you love./ The Trick to that, then, is meaning it./

(Tatyana Brown)

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