To The Teachers Who've Inspired Us, Cheered For Us And Left Lasting Imprints On Our Hearts
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To The Teachers Who've Inspired Us, Cheered For Us And Left Lasting Imprints On Our Hearts

Your work is the most respectable profession around.

To The Teachers Who've Inspired Us, Cheered For Us And Left Lasting Imprints On Our Hearts
"Teaching is an instinctual art, mindful of potential, craving of realizations, a pausing, seamless process."
― A. Bartlett Giamatti

To all my teachers past, present, and future;

The art of teaching hasn't received the respect it deserves lately. In modern day, it appears as if teaching only appeals to those who "aren't capable of creating a career in their field of instruction," or people who have earned seemingly "useless" degrees. Compared to most countries, it appears the United States isn't doing very well in fighting this stigma either.

So this one is for the teachers.

To the people who taught me how to look within myself to find determination. To the people who cared so deeply about their job that it was truly infectious. To the ones who taught us when we were young and stayed with us until now. To the ones who saw us grow--truly grow. From finishing our first chapter books, to our senior prom, these people haven't just stood by. They've seen us fall, they've inspired us to get up and they've cheered even when we didn't see them. So for all the moments of late-night grading and feelings of doubt in your pursued career choice, thank you.

Thank you for always being ready to enlighten us. Thank you for going over endless problems with patience and grace, as if you haven't been doing the same thing for five hours a day for the past decade. Thank you for sticking with us.

I don't think our teachers ever truly know how much they really mean to us. But the proof is pervasive. I can tell you the moments in school that defined me to be who I am. Whether it was binding my first laminated 'novel' in second grade, to passing that calculus exam, to receiving those university acceptance letters--I couldn't have done it alone. We appreciate the love and support you have given us, even if you do not hear it often enough.

What you do matters.

And not in a trivial cliché way (okay, well maybe a little cliché). But in all honesty, your profession is the only one that is guaranteed to leave a legacy. You should leave work every day knowing that what you are doing will never fade but be passed on for generations. Teaching is a way to cultivate knowledge and keep it blooming forever. Not many other careers can stop time, speed it up and harness it the way you do.

To all the teachers that have personally inspired this letter, I am here because of your enthusiasm and passion. To all the ones who indirectly influenced this letter, I draw inspiration from you every day.


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