You taught us how to be bold, and how to be organized, and you taught us to be independent. We grew up with strong role models and because of that, we have grown up to be strong individuals. We watched you love others unconditionally and in the midst of your selflessness we watched you love yourself; we were mesmerized and inspired.

We left for school at age 18. Or maybe we left before that. We have been ready to take on the world since we were young; we are an old soul in a little body. We have dreams so big that we get lost in them. We want to do everything, and we want to do it all on our own. We take on big tasks and rarely ask for help. We pride ourselves in our ability to get things done on our own, and we don’t stop until we have done it perfectly. When it comes to our pride it is easily damaged. Sometimes in our march through life, we lose track of those who have helped us to get where we are. We have planned everything out, and sometimes we forget about the people who have helped us along the way: You.

But, we aren’t oblivious to the fact that you want to be involved. We know you want to help. We know you try your best to care for us and take care of us, and we know that sometimes we make it that difficult. Sometimes we pull away or get angry when you offer advice or help. We know that we aren’t always easy to talk to, or easy to care about because we are more than capable of doing it ourselves. We are aware that we are sometimes hasty and harsh, but that is just because we want to do things on our own, but we know we can’t. And that might just be the most frustrating thing of all. We know we don’t always show affection and we are always focused on the future. And we’re sorry. We mean well.

So next time you feel like we don’t need you, just remember: we will always be daddy’s little girl and our mother will always be our hero. Thank you for raising an independent woman. Everything we are we owe it to you, even if we don’t act like it. We did not get this way of life from ourselves, we go it from you. Because of you, we are fearless in ourselves. You raised us to be capable, and hard-working, and assertive. You told us to never settle for less than we deserve. YOU instilled in us a sense of self-worth that cannot be shaken. You equipped us with the ability to take the world by storm. And that is the best thing you could have ever given us.

P.S. We often get homesick and cry because we miss you.