For The Family 1,000 Miles Away

When it comes to family, I like to think I got pretty lucky.

Growing up, I lived in the same house with my older sister. It wasn't until we were about fifteen and seventeen that we finally started getting along and being interested in the same music and hobbies.

Although it never looked like we would get past the steal each other's clothes and holding a grudge about it for a week, when we finally did, nothing could stop us.

We spent summers taking trips to Ulta and standing outside concert arenas waiting to see our favorite artist.

But, we could not have had any of that without the help of our parents.

Our parents never had many rules that we had to follow. It was more of a "as long as I can trust you, then we won't have any issues."

I remember summer days in our old house playing cornhole until the streetlights came on.

I remember road trips to visit the farm fighting about what to listen to ultimately to end up dancing to Meet in the Middle by the Diamond Rio.

There are so many memories and so many moments that felt like they were going to last forever that I took advantage of because I didn't realize what I had until it was gone.

This is a letter to my family who lives 1,000 miles away.

Hey guys.

Over the last year, so much about the dynamic of our household has changed. I finally moved into my own place and you guys are finally settled in the beach town that you have been dreaming about your whole lives.

First, I want you to know there is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking about and missing you guys. So many things that I do on a regular basis remind me of you. The thought of coming home again is sometimes the only thing that makes getting through the semester a little bit easier.

I know it can be aggravating being on different schedules and not knowing when the perfect time to talk is, but please, don't ever give up. I understand life gets busy but even if we can't get ahold of each other the first time, keep calling.

I was really worried that living 1,000 miles apart would change how close we are as a family, but now, I know that is not true.

Although I would do anything to head home to 984 and pull out the trays and eat some buffalo chicken dip, I know that things are different now and the time we have together means so much more.

To Mom and Dad,

I remember being a little girl sitting on the beach looking over to you guys talking about how one day you would be living there. I remember going through the grocery store and seeing something that resembled beach decor and you guys planning your perfect beach home. Seeing you guys achieve your dreams is more than I could have ever wanted and I can't wait to meet you guys down there.

Always remember that I am still your little girl, just a few thousand miles away.

To my sister,

I would say the hardest thing about being 1,000 miles away is just living life with you. I miss coming home from work and just laying in bed laughing for hours about something funny we saw online and taking the long way home just to scream our hearts out to our favorite songs. I look forward to every chance we get to talk and every moment we spend together.

You will always be my best friend, no matter how many miles stand in the way.

Also, just remember that our time being apart isn't forever. As soon as I am done here I will be down to join in on the weekend beach days and daily pool parties.

Even though it seems so far away, before we know it we will be back to eating dinner but maybe this time watching the sunset over the gulf.

Although some people see change as a bad thing, I think that this change has given us all the opportunity to grow which is what life is all about. I love and miss you all more than words can even explain and cannot wait to see you all soon.

I hope I am making you proud up here.

Love, me.

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